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33x48x0.1 in ©2019 by Sumit Mehndiratta
Saylea - Digital Arts, 33x48x0.1 in ©2019 by Sumit Mehndiratta - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract Art, Botanic, Flower, Patterns, floral, yellow, black, leaves, botanic, botanical

33x48x0.1 in ©2019 by Sumit Mehndiratta. Vibrant Archival ink print on Epson matte finish Canvas. Canvas print with museum finish archival inks lasting more than 30 years in vibrancy and colour saturation. Artwork shipped safely in a tube. Artwork can be printed in other sizes as well (large and small). Please get in touch with the curators for other sizes and prices.

Новая Коллекция (Elena Yudina)