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8x10.5 in ©2018 by Affordable Art
Biro Sketch - Side Face - ORIGINAL - Drawing, 8x10.5 in ©2018 by Affordable Art - Figurative, figurative-594, Other, Paper, Culture, Love / Romance, People, Portraits, Women, sketchbook, affordable art, ballpoint pen art, cheap, sketch, original

Biro Sketch - Side Face - ORIGINAL
8x10.5 in ©2018 by Affordable Art. This is a ballpoint pen sketch that was made on the pages of an old textbook. Free shipping which takes 2 weeks to arrive. Express shipping cost 60 Euro and arrives at your door steps within 3 days (internationally). You get a money back guarantee just as long as you cover the cost of shipping to and fro (and the work is returned undamaged). Thanks.

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