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20x13x0.1 in ©2018 by Sarita Nanni
Legolas - Drawing, 20x13x0.1 in ©2018 by Sarita Nanni - Figurative Art, Photorealism, Contemporary painting, Realism, Celebrity, Cinema, Heroic-Fantasy, Portraits, Men, portrait, custom portrait, portrait from photo, realistic drawing, portrait art, portrait painting, orlando bloom, charcoal drawing, legolas, portrait drawing, charcoal portrait, art commission, order portrait, artwork portrait

20x13x0.1 in ©2018 by Sarita Nanni. Legolas /Orlando Bloom portrait. “Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King Legolas Orlando Bloom portrait. 13"x20" Give yourself or your beloved ones a personalized painting! It's an original gift and always very much appreciated! Do you see a picture on the internet that you like? (landscape, illustration, people, animals, paintings, etc.) I also paint custom paintings from photos of your choice ???????? ?????? ❣ ?COLORED PASTELS portrait with ONE person: - A4 (8x11 inch.)(21x30cm.) ... 189.00€ (close ups only) - 12x16 inch. (30x40 cm)… 360.00€ (close ups only) - 16x20 inch. (40x50 cm)... 600.00€ - 20x24 inch. (50x60 cm)... 900.00€ - 24x32 inch. (60x80 cm)... 1.440.00€ ?COLORED PASTELS portrait with TWO people: - 16x20 inch. (40x50 cm)... 630.00€ - 20x24 inch. (50x60 cm)... 930.00€ - 24x32 inch. (60x80 cm)... 1,470.00€ ???? For portraits with more people please contact me. I don't paint small formats paintings because my technique is very detailed and requests larger sizes. -------------------------- ? ------------------------- How to order a portrait STEP BY STEP ? Step 1 It is always better to send more than one photo. Big images or digital files may help you to see the details. Lights, shadows, proportions, contrasts, colors are of the utmost importance. Please choose clear images with soft expressions. Please send PHOTOS and information via Artmajeur. Then we'll decide the best picture. Please let me know which size you need and your favorite painting technique (oil, watercolor, pencils, charcoal, acrylics). Then I'll decide the price and I'll comunicate it to you. Standard prices in the Dimensions box. ? Step 2 Please let me know if you need the portraits for a specific date. I try my best to send the picture on time. ? Step 3 I'll start the painting after having received the payment. ? Step 4 When the painting is finished I will send you the photos for confirmation. When you'll be satisfied of the result, I'll send the portrait. I do ship worldwide, but please contact me before buying to know the exact shipping price and the day of delivery. Please remember that my shipping prices include more than just the stamp price they also include packaging and delivery costs. Thank you! Sarita

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