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95.7x70x0.5 cm ©2013 by Pamela Rys
What Does The Fox Say? : 38" x 28" - 96 x 70 cm - Painting, 95.7x70x0.5 cm ©2013 by Pamela Rys - Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism, Contemporary painting, Expressionism, Other, Animals, Still life, yellow, fox, animal, still life, pamela rys

What Does The Fox Say? : 38" x 28" - 96 x 70 cm
95.7x70x0.5 cm ©2013 by Pamela Rys. This is acrylic painting on gray cardboard. Only one such artwork in the whole world. It is satin varnished. The colors may look a little bit different depending on the screen. This artwork is signed and dated on the back. A signed Certificate Of Authenticity will be included with the artwork. The artwork is painted on gray cardboard and it might reqiure a frame. Size: 95.7 H 70 W x 0.5 cm, 37.7" x 27.6" x 0.2" Please feel free to contact me if you would like to ask any questions. __________________________________________________ © Pamela Rys

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