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120x140x3.5 cm ©2019 by Roman Bonchuk
Ivan and Mickey - Painting, 120x140x3.5 cm ©2019 by Roman Bonchuk - Illustration, Conceptual Art, Modernism, Symbolism, Surrealism, Canvas, Geometric, Heroic-Fantasy, History, Culture, People, World Culture, Family, Mortality, Colors, Fantasy, Mickey, crime, murder, sadness, sorrow, embrace, together, father, son, boy, bright, yellow, blue, warm, cold, in combination, hugging, colorful, meurtre, tristesse, chagrin, étreinte, ensemble, père, fils, garçon, vif, jaune, bleu, froid, chaud, en combinaison, étreignant, coloré, Verbrechen, Mord, Trauer, Umarmung zusammen, Vater, Sohn, Junge, hell, gelb, blau, kalt, in Kombination, umarmend, bunt

Ivan and Mickey
120x140x3.5 cm ©2019 by Roman Bonchuk. Ivan and Mickey Inspiration from the painting by Russian realist artist Ilya Repin "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan". Here, in my interpretation, Ivan and Mickey are depicted ... The "Dance of Paradigm" collection consists of large-sized 120 сm by 140 сm canvases. Ideas are taken from my series of sketches «Internal empiric» (more than 300 works from 2018). I wanted to transfer them to large canvases. Used oil, acrylic and other paints. Combined many techniques. Already ready 25-30 paintings. In the "Collections" / New collection "Dance of Paradigm" tab/ Look more pictures. The pictures turn out energetic and bright. I'm happy about it. Thanks for you attention. Packing and shipping are not included in the price. Let me know your country and city and I will calculate exactly how much it will cost. Payment: bank transfer (SWIFT). Write a message me and I sending the details. From the payment systems in Ukraine is available "ePayments". We can carry out calculations through it. It take me a week to have the documents, pack and send the picture for you. Sometimes it faster. I will inform you about the details and timing.

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