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51.2x70.9x1.6 in ©2017 by Christina Michalopoulou
Angel - Painting, 51.2x70.9x1.6 in ©2017 by Christina Michalopoulou - Figurative, figurative-594, People, figurative, body, realism, man, figure, passion, photorealism, angel, wings, arcrylics

51.2x70.9x1.6 in ©2017 by Christina Michalopoulou. An angel, the naked, hurt body of a man with light blue wings. His hand is bleeding, he is smoking, he is angry, he is tired. He doesn't wanna fight anymore. This painting is my inner fight, a confrontation of my fears but also a window to a world released from them, as the realistic form confronts a fictional place.

2 Arts En Scene 2020 (ARTS EN SCENE 22 AOUT 2020 ZEVACO)
Oeuvres Favorites 5 (Hannibal)
Collection 9 (Amir Dzafic)