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55x44 cm ©2018 by Memória Viva
Mexican Skull - Textile Art, 55x44 cm ©2018 by Memória Viva - skull, mexican, catrina, memoria viva, crochet, textile art, fiber art, embroidery

Mexican Skull
55x44 cm ©2018 by Memória Viva. Just like the mexicans honor their dead with colour and joy, I try to do the same to all the beautiful but forgotten crochet works I reuse in my pieces. The skull composition is mostly made out of doilies and other mixed materials all carefully handstiched to felt. The work itself is attached to a mdf board and then framed. I search for the frames I use in antique shops and try to find them in good condition. I don´t want to restore them because I feel that that would take the history and charm out of them. The back of the frame is covered with kraft paper and has a new golden metal hanger. It takes one day, and sometimes more depending on the work, to make one of these pieces but each one is worth the time spend. This frame is weights more then 2kg., so please contact me before purchase so I can give you accurate shipping costs.Thank you. Antique frame Material: wood Colour: dark gold/black/wood effect Dimensions: 54x44cm

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