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15.8x15.8x0.8 in © by Audrey Delaye
Brave souls - Painting, 15.8x15.8x0.8 in ©2018 by Audrey Delaye - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Animals, Colors, People, Spirituality, Women, tiger, tigre, femme, woman, female, girl, fille, femelle, portrait, spirit, courage, brave, blue, bleu. colors, couleurs

Brave souls
15.8x15.8x0.8 in © by Audrey Delaye. Brave tiger and girl sharing the same spirit are ready for the fight Oil on canvas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am you and you are me Together we conquer our future Beyond eternity Lies our true nature ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Une jeune femme et un tigre courageux dont les esprits s’entremêlent sont prêts a se battre Huile sur toile montée sur châssis

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