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38x40x4.5 cm ©2016 by Milka Urbaníková
When blooming bows 1 - Painting, 38x40x4.5 cm ©2016 by Milka Urbaníková - Impressionism, Landscape, Nature, flowers, blooming bows, nature, oil paintings, canvas, colors, impressionism, landscape

When blooming bows 1
38x40x4.5 cm ©2016 by Milka Urbaníková. Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. My memories of nature walks often end up at home on the canvas. But it is the most original painter of nature itself . Painter: Emília Urbaníková Tittle: When blooming bows 1 .. Materials: Quality oil painting on canvas Painter: Emílial Urbaníková flowers and field and grass

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