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24x36x0.1 in ©2016 by Chandan Kashyap S K
White Web (Jedarakannappa) - Drawing, 24x36x0.1 in ©2016 by Chandan Kashyap S K - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract Art, Culture, Spirituality, Spirituality, Mysticism, Web, Monochrome, Monimal, Religious, Culture

White Web (Jedarakannappa)
24x36x0.1 in ©2016 by Chandan Kashyap S K. This work is part of “pages from my diary” series. This painting is like an opened book displaying an image at the left hand side and unreadable language at the right hand side. This experience is similar to my encounters with the world, partially comprehendible and rest of the things constantly continues to be unknown. At the right hand side bottom of the work silver foil seems to be scratched out that poetically reveals the references (not always books, journals and research papers but also lived experiences). This series is out of my personal experiences deeply connected with my childhood, other encounters with the world, acquired knowledge, artistic and spiritual motivations. This work titled ‘White Web’ is my ritualistically done drawing. On the left hand side of the paper web was created by doing pradikshana that is moving around the center (circumambulation). Hence these lines constituting web graphically record my ritualistic movement in time and space.

We Love It! (Frédéric Durieu & Nathalie Erin)
Collection 4 (sainte-luce jerome)