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70x50x2 cm ©2017 by Hjördis Thelander
The Cosmic Egg No 3 - Drawing, 70x50x2 cm ©2017 by Hjördis Thelander - Surrealism, Paper, Birds, Spirituality, Birds, Earth, Egg, Threee, flower, light

The Cosmic Egg No 3
70x50x2 cm ©2017 by Hjördis Thelander. The Cosmic Egg No3 This is the third picture in a serie of three drawings. And the Egg in the middle of The Earth rise and shine in the heavenly light. The seven birds are flying over The Earth. Even the tree is part of the transformation of The Cosmic Egg and a flower is blooming to support the process. The dark eyes of The Earth saw it all in a state of deep meditation. Finally, the story is completed !

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