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23.5x16x1 in ©1992 by Jan Wall
Homage to Paul Klee 3 - Printmaking, 23.5x16x1 in ©1992 by Jan Wall - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Interiors, surrealism, interior, vase, faces, coffee table, Paul Klee

Homage to Paul Klee 3
23.5x16x1 in ©1992 by Jan Wall. .A Janus-faced vase dances over an oak coffee table. A clock floats over the table, and a pair of lenses, a book, and a page from an address book, some cassettes. To the left of the coffee table are some loose pages of lined paper. In the top left corner is an antique map with pink zephyrs. A louverred window is in the top right corner. Giclee print on canvas. Available framed or unframed. The original oil painting has been sold.

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