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16x20x0.8 in © by Alexis Baranek
Oxidation - Painting, 16x20x0.8 in ©2017 by Alexis Baranek - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract Art, old, aged, rusted, oxidized, rust, blue, orange, gold, metallic, texture, worn, wabi-sabi, modern, colorful

16x20x0.8 in © by Alexis Baranek. Certain metals, when left outside in the elements will oxidize or rust into various interesting shapes, textures and colors. This painting is part of the "weathered and worn" series which focuses on the special beauty in aged surfaces. It was done intuitively in layers with scraping, addition of sand in some places, acrylic paints and mediums and some acrylic and alcohol inks. There are some metallic accents that can't be seen in the photo and actually the painting appears a tad brighter in person. Photo may not show it to advantage. Painted sides on canvas. Ready to hang.

Febr2019 (Rajka Serbak)
Alexis Baranek (Casas D`Liz)
L578 (Tegas)