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What's a favorites collection?

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A collection of favorites is similar to a list of shortcuts to artworks on Artmajeur.

Who uses the collections?
All visitors (art lovers, galleys, artistic agents, decorators etc ...) can create collections.

What are collections used for?
The collections are used to record links to the works you wish to review.
When a work is added to a collection, the "virtual" collector can easily find the works he likes, and contact the artist to buy the original if it is for sale, or a reproduction if the option is available.

The collector can also share his collection with other art lovers.

The collections are therefore for the artists whose works are chosen, a great way to get to know his work at a lower cost!

Why are there private collections?
In some cases, collectors do not want their favorite works to be displayed to the public. This does not mean that they are ill-intentioned, it may be a husband who wishes to give a gift to his wife, a decorator who plans to purchase several works for a project in progress, School teacher who does not want students to tease him etc ...

In these cases, collectors choose the "private collection" option, so the collection is not available to the public.

A private collection is hidden only to the public: The artist whose work is added to a collection can always know the owner of the collection or its works, whether the collection is private or not.

Is it possible to prevent people from collecting or sharing my images?
No, it is a basic functionality very appreciated by Internet users.

Sharing is at the heart of the Internet: whether it is on Pinterest, Facebook or Artmajeur, it is the most effective means of dissemination to promote works of art.

Keep in mind that sharing or adding to favorites is nothing more than simply making a note of a link to a work. The sharing of the works does not confer any special rights to the collectors, and does not alter the protection of the works.

Artmajeur also offers very advanced tools to protect the works in a Physical way (secured installations), Techniques (filigan), and legal (time-stamped digital deposit under Bern convention).


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Maria Cristina Vega Portrait Maria Cristina Vega     Neuquen, Argentina  

podrían escribir la información tambien en español? Muchísimas gracias!!!!!

Chandan Kashyap S K Portrait Chandan Kashyap S K     India  

Thank you Artmajeur for facilitating 'favorite collection' facility.

Paulina Waas Portrait Paulina Waas     California, United States  

Excellent! Thank you!

Елена Макарова Portrait Елена Макарова     Russia  


Steven G Humble Portrait Steven G Humble     Washington, United States  

Thanks to everyone

futuretico Portrait futuretico     Germany  


Thommy Portrait Thommy     Tegucigalpa, Honduras  

Muchas gracias

Cтанислав Грузинштерн Portrait Cтанислав Грузинштерн     Ukraine  


Silvia Elisa Borini Portrait Silvia Elisa Borini     Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil  


Print Portrait Print     Germany  

Morning time dreamings from one bungalow

Jeferson soares Portrait Jeferson soares     Estado de Minas Gerais, Brazil  

Muito grato.

Daniele Milani Portrait Daniele Milani     Italy  


SERGIO PEREIRA Portrait SERGIO PEREIRA     São Paulo, Brazil  

muito obrigado..

Erich Premyog Keller Portrait Erich Premyog Keller     Porreres (Espana/Mallorca), Spain  

got it, merci bc

Crispino Portrait Crispino     Lido Di Camaiore, Italy  


Paul Antwis Portrait Paul Antwis     United Kingdom  


tiziana salvi Portrait tiziana salvi     Italy  

Thanks! :-) :-) :-)

Ricardas Marcinkevicius Portrait Ricardas Marcinkevicius     Vilnius, Lithuania  


Felon Portrait Felon     Florida, United States  


Aliern Portrait Aliern     Ibiza, Spain  

Muchas gracias

ARTEMISIA Portrait ARTEMISIA     grugliasco, Italy  


Katie Guittard Portrait Katie Guittard     France  

Merci beaucoup

Mehmet Akbulut Portrait Mehmet Akbulut     Turkey  


Hands Maal Portrait Hands Maal     Netherlands  

zeer goeie site deze art majeur

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