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Born in the seventies, Fabrice Réhel's first radio sound was the Beach Boys' song "Kokomo".

During his youth, he always heard that the crisis was upon and that he had to work, work. It is therefore an urgent "desire to be useless" that guides him.

His sensitivity for artistic expression emerges at the age of twelve, faced with the fascination felt by the Raft of the Medusa of Géricault presented by his art teacher.

Not having naively planned to enter the working life and even less to make a career in anything, he deduced that the most indispensable activity to pursue was the most useless: to make the artist.

Nevertheless, after studying biology and discovering surfing, he chooses to train himself to teach surfing while applying himself to " wander ", according to Blaise Cendrars. He puts his works in a studio workshop in 2005 on the Breton coast, which he later sells to found a beautiful family in a house worthy of the name. He never stops painting, drawing and writing.