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Collages (14.2x9.5 in)

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This artwork is part of the gallery HORS SERIE.

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Collages , Abstract , Boutons - Pochoir

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©2019 by Eve CLOAREC
Souffle le vent - Photography ©2019 by Eve CLOAREC - vent, arbres, souffle, nature, ombres chinoises
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La peinture - Photography ©2018 by Eve CLOAREC - peinture, mer, chantier naval, hasard, nécessité, seau, coulées, bleus
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L'arrachement-2.jpg - Photography ©2018 by Eve CLOAREC - arbres, séparation, abstraction, cri, écorce, couleurs
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BALADE EN ROBE DE LUNE.jpg - Photography ©2018 by Eve CLOAREC - Lune, nuit, nocturne, arbres, silhouettes, bleu, gris, écorce
9.5x11.8 in © by Eve CLOAREC
SURIMPRESSIONS (2).jpg - Painting, 9.5x11.8 in ©2017 by Eve CLOAREC -

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Comments 2

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James Larson Portrait James Larson     Oregon, United States  

Nice Earth colors

Michèle LEMARECHAL Portrait Michèle LEMARECHAL     France  

Superbe et original .