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Fight against those who want to stop you dreaming

Presentation & Biography

The journey of E9 INERTION

Once upon ago, E9 INERTION is borned in 2014 of our area as a new super hero.

 I’m following him during his travels through the space-time.

He’s showing you his discoveries during travels through the space-time in the past and your future

E9 Inertion is an hero of the past living in the future.

His travels through space time allow us to discover what is buried deep within us.

His first discoveries were weapons of space materializing his past and forming the needfull arsenal for his security.

He contrasts the nighty beauty of weapons with their harmful effects using lightness and humor.  

E9 Inertion is a childlike man who imagine what the memory lets perceive.

He’s diving deep into the abyss of the ocean covering the whole Earth equiped with his space guns (which is the first artwork serie) during his first trip .

Supernatural beings appear called megaplanktos (which is the second artwork series) : the descendants of plankton.

 What a surprise when he discovers the underwater city called U3 and its treasures!

U3 = Under UUater city

Our hero happily rushes into the Palace of the Muses gathering all knowledge.

This palace is notably made up of the Great Library similar to the Alexandria Library in 288 BCE.

 Here is the third artwork series called Bella Maniera starting in January 2017 which showing on the famous artists of the 19th and 20th century. Their artworks are magnified  in carrying out their selfportrait or one of their artwork nude.

The first place called the Gallery of the Future highlights major artists such as:

Bernard BUFFET, jean CARZOU, VIEIRA da SILVA, Gustave COURBET, Tom WESSELMANN and Aristide MAILLOL, or not last but the lesat La Source d'INGRES, Olympia by Edouard MANET, a pin-up by Mel RAMOS, a nude by Egon SCHIELE and another artwork nude by Alfons MUCHA.

This artwork series is completed in 2019 with new artworks entitled Baigneuses / Bathers where lightness and clearness are in order: the wooden panel and the charcoal drawing disappear in order to afford shadows of iron bars and plates on the wall.

These artworks, highlighting the woman's body, love, sensuality, lightness, show on: a deformation and a twist of the bodies, warm and colorful tones in opposition to the blackness of the ironbar, a search of movement, an emphasis on symbols and artistic references, a treatment of the reinforced curves and forms that characterize this Bella Maniera movement in sculpture, and finally an infinite space.

What would we be without language?

Here is our hero's graphic alphabet (which is the fourth series in 2018).

We knew the artwork of Auguste HERBIN  based on a metaphysical approach

You will discover our hero's graphic alphabet based on a physiological process where letters and words vibrate on the beat of life, the rhythm of the heartbeat.

So you have an alphabet where each letter is composed of a shape / color couple, with alternative full and empty face, always using my favorite medium, the smooth round iron bar of 6, 8 and 10mm (and iron plate).

The first artworks highlight the universality of our environment: love, sun, etc.

The next step was creation of material and digital stencils using the same processing

 Our hero will express himself over the days on a interesting subject by highlighting oppositions or paradox such as night / day, dead / alive, objectivity/subjectivity, and more.

See you soon on the webside!

www.etiennefrouin.com / www.e9inertion.com


herbin, buffet, courbet, carzou, vieria da silva, manet, wesselmann, ramos, mucha, schiele

E9 Inertion

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