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91x91 cm ©2010 by Etherae Artiste invité #2 : Matthew Cervenka (NYC)
©2010 Etherae Artiste invité #2 : Matthew Cervenka (NYC)
Bastet (Egyptian Cat Goddess) - Mixed Media, 91x91 cm ©2010 by Etherae Artiste invité #2 : Matthew Cervenka (NYC) - Textile Art Textile Cat Chat Goddess Divinité pharaonique abstrait abstract multi colours multi coloré square carré écharpe rouge red Xian Abstra_Xian Cervenka Matt Matthew New York

This is very interesting and mystic!

Marianna Ochyra Novosibirsk, Russia | Jul 14, 2018

Xian is a very talented man & Ilove his scarves as well as his art!!! Matt Cervenka

Matthew Cervenka United States | Mar 12, 2010

Bravo Xian pour tes Abstra-Xian! Tu nous offre de très belles compositions dans une étonnante variété de styles!

Tzyg Québec, Canada | Mar 8, 2009

Magnificent. All good fortune to you.

Michael Haag United Kingdom | Dec 15, 2008

Congratulations and best wishes ! The scarfs are wonderful...Thank you~Zuzanna

Zuzanna Canada | Dec 9, 2008