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Painting, Drawing, Digital Arts ... 197 Followers Member since 2017
United States
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The Multiples 14 artworks

Pieces that a friend described as 'wonderfully horrifying'.

Miscellaneous Garbage 121 artworks

The things in this gallery became the things in this gallery by making paintings for friends birthdays, by being approached by strangers and getting commission jobs at bus stops, by being curious about materials and surfaces, and by wearing the same pants when I paint every day. By doing what I love.

Sketch Work 1 artwork

These are some of the sketchbooks that I spend my time with (avoiding conversations, killing time in doctor's office's, hammering out new ideas). Some of the pages I share on social media (Insta -whatever). My name on then is eileen_oo_

Work in Progress 47 artworks

** None of these paintings are done (I don't expect them to be any time soon) and I think that I'll be sharing my life with them.