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Enver Hoxhaj, born in Prizren (Kosovo). His working place is as a professor of arts at ‘Fine-arts AAB University in Prishtina.


Being not completely abstract and not completely expressive. Enver’s work belongs to abstract expressionism. With this artistic dimension in which direction Enver proceeds, thanks to his maturity after contacts with artistic experiences especially the contemporary ones.


Enver during his active and careful itinerary through the magic of tradition and cultural heritage of Prizren succeeds to turn into material value, work of art, his spiritual values thus becoming an artistic sign of his lovely city.


Generally looking one might say that Enver’s paintings are very narrow in a subject but the reality is quite opposite. Each of his paintings presents a different story.


All of his paintings portray his life in this time, the life of my ancestors, and his vision about his kids in the future.

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