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Amanite regardant l'eau couler.

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Other art by Emilie REYDON

©2019 by Emilie REYDON
Cerf en velours - Photography ©2019 by Emilie REYDON - Animals, cerf, photographie, emilie reydon, reydon, parc, national, cévennes, printemps, velours, nature, wild life, vie sauvage
© by Emilie REYDON
On s'imagine... En Chine. - Photography ©2014 by Emilie REYDON - Landscape, Crêtes, brume, brouillard, blanc, emilie reydon, lozère
© by Emilie REYDON
Glycine au déjeuner - Photography ©2018 by Emilie REYDON - bourdon, glycine, fleur, printemps, bee
© by Emilie REYDON
Matin violet - Photography ©2015 by Emilie REYDON - Landscape, parc national des cevennes, emilie reydon, fraissinet, lozère, matin, sunrise, violet
©2013 by Emilie REYDON
Plaine de l'Aubaret - Photography ©2013 by Emilie REYDON - emilie reydon, lozère, aubaret, plaine, soleil
© by Emilie REYDON
Chevreuil et héron - Photography ©2015 by Emilie REYDON - Animals, chevreuil, héron, lozère, coucher de soleil, sunset, wildlife, emilie reydon, parc national des cévennes

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