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Elisaveta Sivas’s artwork is an allegorical interpretation of Human nature, existence, experiences. It is a meaningful story told in the form of symbolic figures and interactions between them, filled with intellectual messages delivered in aesthetical form. The viewer could continue Elisaveta’s story or could create her/his own one, reflect, meditate, contemplate, dream...

Elisaveta's sculpture is a unique and one-of-a-kind work of art. They are an example of deep emotion connected to masterfully performed shape, brilliant achievement of perfect detail, mastering of the clay. It is a great example of modern sculpture art with a strong concept, original idea and a high standard of performing which a collector would be proud to own for decades.

Elisaveta Sivas’s oil paintings reproduce a color tonality of magical interpretation of figure and space. Her paintings do continue her sculptures. The figures are painted gently and space is left to the imagination of the spectator. The heroes of her paintings are surrounded by aesthetic and harmonious balance.

Elisaveta Sivas graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Russia. She holds a degree in Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies and has a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics. She taught and did research at the University of Cyprus. She studied fashion and theatrical costume at the Art Future School in St. Petersburg. She studied ceramics at Valeria Polsinelli’s workshop in Paris and Vassos Demetriou’s workshop in Larnaca. Elisaveta attended classes of art in the Academy of Art in Palermo. She also followed painting courses and aesthetics of art lessons at the workshop of the artist Christos Avraam in Cyprus. Since January 2017, they began a joint research project on the practice of inserting poetry and writing into modern painting.

Elisaveta presented her work in group and solo exhibitions. Her works are in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Russia, Cyprus and other countries.

Elisaveta Sivas

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