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eligriv tempfoli

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Sculpture, Mixed Media, Painting ... 17 Followers Member since 2005

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Member since Aug 25, 2005
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:-)Good luck...
This artist was raised by Mormons, in full heart of Alsace, with children of Flemish extraction of his age that treated it as a half brother (!?). Itself resulted from a prostestante family to Moslem ascents evil lived at the time of the marriage of his large father by the beautiful family... In short, it was abandoned as of all young bus resulting from a premarital fault... Its miserable life rocked during the day or it had a sublimation: perception stop not with the material forms but in helped with the any power of universal forces! It then did what any man who has undergoes such a revelation made: it was made monk in a monastery tibétain, living of asceticism and receuillement. However, a day it knew that it was to return, to transmit the unconscious one that it had overcome, and to deliver the world of the obscure forces...