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 My name is Eleni and I am an artist and a full time mother. I love painting  since I can remember myself and although I studied mechanical engineering I can't imagine myself doing anything else than creating artworks.I started my art career painting murals since  high school years for many shops,nursery rooms etc. as a part time job. After my parents consultation I studied mechanical engineering and I worked for about ten years as a teacher in high school (in engineering).I never stopped painting as my heart was always set to painting art so I quit my full time job to follow my dream. I studied fine art in ABC de Paris school of arts. I also attended many  seminars about different art styles. I have now transitioned into abstract, seascape canvas pieces and nudes where I feel the artistic freedom to express who I truly am. I like experimenting in many different art styles. Creating abstract pieces gives me freedom and hyperrealistic paintings are always challenging for me. Always in search of inspiration "Sky is the limit". My artworks are in private collections in more than 20 countries worldwide. 

Eleni Denart

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