Efi Keren

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Hadera, Israel

Old Praga bar (2007)
Photography (Several sizes available)

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About this artwork

Artwork Type
Open Edition
Support or surface
Several supports available (Fine art paper, Metal Print, Canvas Print)
Framing available (Floating Frame + Under Glass, Frame + Under Acrylic Glass)
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The stated price is for 8*10" excellent quality hard print. Could be ordered any size up to poster. Please contact me at to get the price for a bigger print size or number of prints (signed by me or not). The hard prints will be mailed WORLDWIDE by regular mail service directly to the address the buyer will provide. Additional cost for 8*10" printing, handling & shipping is 5$

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©2007 by Efi Keren
In dripstones cave 1 - Digital Arts ©2007 by Efi Keren -
©2006 by Efi Keren
Wooden bridge - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - engrave, engraving, impress, surface, old, aged, elderly, wooden, wood, picture, paint, draw, describe, painting, drawing, structure, viaduct, overpass, platform, transit
©2006 by Efi Keren
Herzlia - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - Herzlia, Israel, Middle East, Mediterranean, Jewish, israeli, city, urban, municipal, town, residence, architecture, architectural, style, building, buildings, house, houses, built, structure
©2007 by Efi Keren
Night cafe - Photography ©2007 by Efi Keren - night, darkness, evening, dimness, gloom, coffeehouse, building, architecture, shelter, accommodation, lodging, place, houses, furniture, accessories, appliances, chair, seat, table, plateau
©2004 by Efi Keren
Capture - Digital Arts ©2004 by Efi Keren - spectacles, glasses, woman, female, person, human, housewife, wife, lady, feminine, daughter, mom, mam, mother, parent, women, sister, girl, ladies, females
©2006 by Efi Keren
Mountain goat - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - animal, creature, live, living, being, animals, beast, non-human, farm, farming, domestic, domesticated, tamed, luminous, shiny, radiant, bright, concept, conceptual, vision

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