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Hadera, Israel

Stones (2005)
Digital Arts (Several sizes available)

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Artwork Type
Open Edition
Support or surface
Several supports available (Fine art paper, Metal Print, Canvas Print)
Framing available (Floating Frame + Under Glass, Frame + Under Acrylic Glass)

black and white stones and building

For sale excellent quality hard prints with sizes from 8*10" up to the posters. No frame included. Please contact me if you need a size larger then 8*10" or number of the prints!

Report Added © Short URL: https://artmajeur.link/dmRfKZ

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©2005 by Efi Keren
Who is quicker? - Photography ©2005 by Efi Keren - Red sea, waterfront, strand, marine, water, ocean, basin, seascape, rim, fluid, liquid, dilute, windsurf, sail, board, boat, boats, transport, vehicle, bowl
©2006 by Efi Keren
Blond woman - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - blond, blonde, light, hair, hairs, face, front, head, look, appearance, makeup, facial, portrait, looking, expression, sight, watching, countenance, features, mug
©2004 by Efi Keren
Cafe view - Photography ©2004 by Efi Keren - table, furniture, patio tables, lamp, lamps, view, railing, ocean, israel, middle east, mediterranean, israeli, dead sea, balcony, outdoor dining, plateau, flat surface, light source, island, handrail
©2004 by Efi Keren
Sun inside - Digital Arts ©2004 by Efi Keren - house, building, architecture, shelter, accommodation, lodging, place, houses, lane, path, trail, alley, palm, palms, tropical, tropics, equator, solstice, hot, handrail
©2006 by Efi Keren
Evening on the beach 1 - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - shore, beach, coast, coastline, sand, shoreline, outdoors, waterfront, sands, sunset, descent, evening, decline, west, sun, rays, ray, sunshine, light, source
©2007 by Efi Keren
Tel Aviv 1 - Photography ©2007 by Efi Keren -

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