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Born in 1962 in Senegal, Eddy Koudénoukpo, aka "EDCHA" nickname artist arrived in France to five years old. Very early, he unveils facilities in drawing and interested in architecture, then to the photo, cultivating a fascination with increased locations, what one does throw usually a look disillusioned: workings, wasteland, he associated with childhood, as a starting point construction, and the city in general. « I loves the city as culture broth, as I don't feel native to nowhere, I am Metis, identifies me urban space in general, in perpetual redefinition" he explains.» It includes his own photographs, paint, materials and various objects, thus providing a view oneiric and poetic landscapes urban he staged. In recent years, it has developed a work of photographs associated with the painting. He photographed cityscapes. From these views, it integrate painting, then materials and various objects. Edcha tries to give another dimension in the photographic sense. For him the photograph becomes more lively. Through matter attract the eyes of play with the feel of the viewer; deceive his eyes. Communication between one who looks and it will create. Awake curiosity of the viewer will look for to discover that what he wanted to suggest. Arrive to otherwise structuring the urban area to give it another dimension. Edcha makes us discover rich, dense city its diversity to a place full. He tries amaze it of one that looks and it captivate. At every turn he leads to discover a new detail, in the same way as when you walk in a city discovery is permanent. Through this plastic work try to redefine the architectural space. This is primarily an artistic experimentation; How to see the cities of tomorrow, watch the city otherwise. Locate cities with a photographic dimension, power through the collages of graphic elements and materials used; imagine the cities of the future.