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David Vall was born in France in 1978. Even though graphite pencil drawing, Chinese ink painting and Japanese calligraphy were early artistic interests to him, he turned towards higher education in science and became a researcher in behavioural neurosciences. Two years spent in British Columbia led him to discover natural scenery and lights of deep emotional intensity that awakened interest in the use of colours for his painting. His sources of inspiration are multiple: a piece of art he admired, the remembrance of scenery he contemplated, an emotion or a state of mind that holds on to his soul and wishes to take shape. Many of his artworks are also inspired by natural elements.

Order number (Maison des Artistes): V570781
SIREN number: 820 234 110

“We are dealing with artworks that start from reality observation – colors and textures are the proof – but there seems to be even more: an obvious emotional implication turning into a chaotic element that gives an extra dimension to the compositions. The colors are natural but become material and the contrasts are inevitably accentuated, the textures are those of the bark, the water or the soil, or even simply the sight of a landscape obscured by the mist. Despite the particular character of these works, we find a dynamism very engaging as well by their compositional development as by the chromatic contrasts, and even when these are absent, the textured materials compensate this lack. David Vall's landscapes revolve around the artist's sensitivity, establishing a privileged relationship between the viewer, the work and the author, in which the existence of such an intoxicating emotional dimension becomes the reason to give life to the works but also to enjoy them during a moment of relaxed contemplation.”
Marcello Cazzaniga, art critique and curator (translated from Italian).

Recent exhibitions:

2022, January-February: Solo Exhibition, Établissement Français du Sang, Rennes, France.

2021, September-November, Art Group Exhibition, L'Autre Lieu, Le Rheu, France.

2020, September 27th to October 4th: Art Group Exhibition "The Green Lion, Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy.

2019, Oct 18th to 28th: Art Group Exhibition "Esperienze Creative". Galleria Merlino, Firenze, Italy.

2019, Sept 30th to Oct 6th: Art Group Exhibition "Mondi Onirici". Galleria Merlino, Firenze, Italy.

2019, Sept 24th to 27th: Art Group Exhibition "On Tour Cannes". Galerie d'Art Cecchin-Stretti, Cannes, France.

2019, May 14th to Jun 14th: Art Group Exhibition. Le Diapason, Rennes, France.

2019, Apr 21st to 27th: International Art Group Exhibition "On Tour London". Royal Opera Arcade (ROA) Gallery, London, UK. Curator: Marina Volpi, ArtExpertise.

2019, Jan 12th to 23rd: International Art Group Exhibition, XX Salón Internacional. ESART Galeria, Barcelona, Espana. Curator: Jordi Jové.

2018, July 14th to 29th: International Art Group Exhibition Iperuranio at the former Church San Nicolao, Bellano, Lake Como, Italy. Camaver Kunsthaus by Marcello Cazzaniga.


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