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Brest, France

Member since Feb 26, 2013
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Chimerically correct

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Chimeras, tiny creatures, humans and other personified icons appear in colourful and full of symbols compositions. Doudoudidon is a paleographic painter who opens for us his empirical artistic world that shakes, disturbs, fascinates and moves all at a time.

It is in his studio house that this esoteric artist receives us. A good part of the upper floor, divided in two main rooms, is dedicated to Doudoudidon's work : one is exclusively reserved for small size works creation. The other one is preferred for expressing his talent on larger surfaces.

Once in Doudoudidon's peculiar den, one dives into an imaginary world where creation explodes. Busy as ever, the artist spreads over a maze of finished or ongoing works. Each room reflects active experimenting, and a well established iconographic system covers the walls and furniture. Doudoudidon is a self-taught artist, freed from any aesthetic code or canon ; in other words a totally atypical creator driven only by his own inner inspirations. Original and creative by nature, his personality and singularity translate immediately into his pictorial work and extend to the choice of media : canvas, carton, medical radiographies, book pages, offset printing plates. So many unusual supports that he has chosen to express himself. A born illustrator, former artistic director of a communication agency, Loïc Tarin (by his true name) decided to drop everything and become « Doudoudidon » (a nickname based on his childhood) after he had met a outsider art collector. Rapidly spotted, recognized for his value, and awarded an American art prize in 2016, he could start to dedicate himself full time to his art.

What drives him is to try and succesfully transcribe his emotions and move people. Juggling with painting supports and inventions, Doudoudidon enjoys creating odd characters arising from the Middle Ages, Papuans, imaginary tiny creatures evolving in strange and unstructured worlds, colourful and symbolic set-ups. Doudoudidon makes no mystery of his taste for iconograhic art and medieval art, which powerfully inspire him whilst he takes us to his sometimes unsettling, sometimes poetic and sensitive, but above all cheerful and mischievous dreamlike visions.

- 1st American prize "American Art Awards" in Art 2016.
- 3rd public art prize Tout Tout Court 2017.
- Guest of honor at the Salon "EXPRESSIONS artists - Plouha 2018

Some exhibitions
- Singular Art Fair of Sanary-sur-Mer 2016
- R-CAS # 4, Perpignan 2017
- "Art Tout tout court", Plouescat 2017 and 2018
- Art Quest Gallery, Jean-Louis Cléret, Paimpol 2017
- Museum of Blois, Illusion Gallery, Blois 2018
- "Dragonoir" art gallery, Lamballe, 2017 and 2018
- Artwork Art Gallery, Dinard 2018
- POM Art Gallery, Lorient 2018
- Concept Store "Lalibee", Capuchin Plateau, Brest 2019
- Art Gallery "Terre d'Ici", Perros-Guirec 2019


velicckovic, Dubuffet, Bilal

Artist value certified: Doudoudidon's works have been evaluated by an independent expert.

Certification 2018 : €600.00 ($677.52)
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on Oct 29, 2018.



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2019 3e Prix de l'Exposition Art tout Court Plouescat, France

2016 American Art Awards : first Price / Art Brut New-York, United States

Collective Expositions

2020 Art capital / Grand Palais Paris, France

2018 Gérard sur les rats Lamballe, France

2017 R-Cas #3 (art singulier) Perpignan, France

2016 Art Singulier de Sanary sur Mer Sanary sur Mer, France

Permanent Collections

2019 Galerie d'art Dragonoir Lamaballe, France

2018 China Art Bank China

2017 Collection Jean-Luc Adde Paris, France


2014 Résidence d'artiste d'un mois Moncontour, France