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Domenico Guddo was born in 1966 in Palermo (Italy). He is both a cellist and a photographer, and with and overwhelming passion, he likes expressing the feelings that every place, starting from his homeland, Sicily, gives him. The feelings and the pictures that call to mind thanks to his shots make his works something more than pictures: they are authentic emotional experiences. The original details and the unique perspective make his shots interesting and fascinating. Domenico Guddo’s works of art are spread in many private collections in Italy and abroad. His pictures were published from several national and international magazines and newspapers, like The Telegraph, The Daily News, La Repubblica, Focus Magazine. The photo named La Scala di Seta, which was shot in Cefalù (Sicily), won the first prize in the photo contest FermoEditore in Parma. His shots were the scenery for an important music event at the Massimo Theatre in Palermo in 2014. Some of his photos are signed, have a certificate and are printed on Fine Art sheets in limited copies, and they have already been sold to some enthusiast collectors. Some of his works are currently an exhibit at the 1650 Art Gallery of Los Angeles and at the Farini Gallery in Bologna.

Domenico Guddo

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