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Dalny Marga Valdes

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Littlerock, United States

Added Jul 23, 2018
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Dalny born a middle-class country girl in a southern California boom town in 1968 where she lived until the age of 47 when she was forced to move farther out into the country by her mother's conservatorship where she currently lives on the estate's small ranch. Dalny, now 50, has always loved to draw and paint; a talent she inheredited from her late father Sergio F. Valdes, a scientist and an artist himself born in 1926. Dalny studied figure drawing on a scholarship at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design and is the owner of her private art gallery of over 260 pieces. Dalny's mother Margaret is somewhat of a sponser to Dalny, providing her with a home/studio inwhich she can create her artwork. Dalny very much enjoys visiting Margaret and spending time with her, working on their ranch, and painting and creating art pieces for both the house and the public.
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