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Born in 1943 in Saint Chamond (Loire, France). Secondary studies at "Lycée Technique Claude Lebois" in Saint Chamond. After obtaining a school living certificate in Technics and Mathematics, migrates to Grenoble in 1962 for studies at the Faculty of Sciences.
Academic career (research professor), Professor at the "Université Joseph Fourier" in Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry, specialized in the field of sensors), co-author of several books in the field of Physical Chemistry (Wiley Publishing, EDP Sciences Grenoble, Ellipses, Dunod, Lavoisier, Springer). Lives in Meylan (Isere, France) since 1984 (married, 2 children). Retired since 2006.

The practice of drawing came in childhood, without clear memory of the first click. Perhaps the taste of black line work and neat and clean when learning acquired industrial design they have been actively involved in the development of this need to transform a blank sheet of paper into a picture, with a care to work as well as possible, researching often the difficulty. Many drawings deal with the matter (wood, stone) that has suffered the ravages of time, a way of paying homage to the past and the cycle of life.

Initially self-taught art, the practice of oil painting (in the 60-70’s), watercolor (adult education at the "Ecole Supérieure des Arts de Grenoble", from the 90’s), illustrations (some posters , cartoons, volunteer activities through associations and trade unions from 60-70 years), but also practice drawing pen for more than 60 years, alongside a busy university life. A dozen personal exhibitions (20 to 40 works), half a dozen group exhibitions (less than 10 works), group participations to more specific and delocalized actions, a good twenty or so participations in exhibitions (essentially in the Rhône Alpes region) during which a dozen distinctions were collected in drawing (gold, silver, first prizes etc.).

Work for a long time very generally solitary, and integration with APAM (Meylan Artists Association) in 2006, where an atmosphere of knowledge sharing ease of use, the opportunity to share know-how with some animation drawing (half days of pen drawing).
Administrative position for artistic activity: subject to the French "Maison des Artistes" (MDA), for the pleasure of being in good standing and solidarity vis-à-vis the artists who live their art.


L. de Vinci, E. Delacroix, V. Van Gogh