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Montauban de Luchon, France

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Guy asks me to write and I write. Only the first words which come to me are galvaudés a little. I give them nevertheless to you. Guy Delaroque discovers at 16 years the Impressionists with the Play of Palm. It is for him the beginning of a long history which will lead it School of Beautiful Arts to the sales of the Drouot Hotel where it was located by Jean-Richard Mattès. After having devoted several years to architecture - that it regards as closely related to its painting in what it works the reports/ratios of space, the form and the bottom - Guy Delaroque dedicated himself exclusively to his painting which grew rich with the wire as of the its voyages. Russia, Greece, Albania, etc..., as many places of discoveries, meetings with other artists and sometimes of work with those, in particular in Moscow, in the division and the exchange of the same sensitivity. Currently, Guy Delaroque explores the reports/ratios of the red and blue in fabrics which go from the simple format to the panel of 3,5 m by 2,10 m, while waiting for the advisability of clashing on greater surfaces. To follow... Here. It is Guy Delaroque But I have a little evil to find it completely, him, in these months there. Then, I decided to also introduce Guy, yes, Guy quite simply. With you to choose what you prefer. Painted Guy.... The sky is still black. Two windows shine of an intense light. No noise. The morning did not start yet. Painted Guy.... He returns and does not say anything. A few minutes still where it has in the head only the red and blue, and in the body a great immobility which prepared the gesture. Painted Guy... Do not ask him to speak about it. Slip into the workshop at one o'clock in the day or one can dare. And discover against a wall a board with a sheet which will tell you its thoughts. Guy painted... This morning, in its eyes: the spark of a new fabric. Perhaps will invite you it to come, without a word, to find among the avenues traced by its arms, the way of freedom. Guy, painted... Painted, that we can hope and believe.
Pauline BALTAZAR, agregation teacher of literature.