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About the Gallery

The virtual international gallery of the Debetum company presents real pictures of the artists working in various genres and professing any Outlook.
At the moment the paintings and photos of Maurice Bellolo (France), Robert Charles (France), Cathya (France), lucieolga47 (France), Cartsandra B (France), GARBEL(France), Asia (Greece), Sorin Niculae Lazar (Romanian), QUENTIN SAINT ROMAN (France), KloO (France), Claude Conte (France), La Venitienne (France), Uwe Korb (Germany), Pablo Guillamon (Spain), Antonio Bagia (Romanian), Dragos Bagia (Romanian), Laetitia CHAMBAULT (France), David Josset (France), Blaise Lavenex (Switzerland), Guylaine/GuyL'ami.ART (France), Maryse Marcotte (France), Eda Radu (Romanian), Jean-Luc Coulaud (France), Gilbert Laporta (Canada), Spaki (Serbia), jean-yves saint lezer (France), Duc Evelyna (France), Josy Moderne Photographies (France), Emma LAFLÛTE (France), Silvia Benfenati (Italy), Ipo (France), Anna Grazi (France), James Larson (USA), GRAFI (France), Rodolphe Quinet (France), Hjördis Thelander (Sweden), Travis Burgess (USA), Jonni Ekdahl (Sweden), Klenov Valery (Russia), Françoise Rancurel (France), Klenov Andrei (Russia), Unknown (Russia) and other artists (including anonymity). Directions: landscape, still life, erotica, caricature, surrealism, impressionism ..

Artistic line

Realism, abstract painting, surrealism, impressionism, naive art, pop art, photography...

Opening Hours


Call for entries (Artists)

The gallery accepts applications from artists.

Conditions for Artists's applications:
persistent desire to be an great artist

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Manager(s) : Klenov Andrei