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Creation is the meaning of my life.

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I was born and raised in Central Europe. In my work, I’m searching for serenity by representing my own inner space. I'm passionate in using more bold and vivid colors to create the subject in a great intact harmony and sensation. Life could be as colorful and beautiful, as we create it. My art process is intuitive, it's a kind of conversation I'm having with the canvas. The language I'm using is colors, shapes, and textures to communicate something beyond that cannot be expressed with words. Painting has become a tool that let me explain my stories and all the other emotions that make me who I'm. My artworks are in public and private collections all over the world.


1998 - 2002
Slovakia Nitra private art training Emília Urbaníková.

2011 ART GALERY Trnava Slovakia
2012 STARS CAFFÉ Nitra Slovakia
2014 LAVANDA CAFFÉ Nitra Slovakia
2015 LAVANDA CAFFÉ Nitra Slovakia
ARTISTICO STORE Wien SCS Austria, ARTISTICO STORE Bratislava Slovakia, ARTISTICO STORE Voderady Slovakia, ARTISTICO STORE Prague Czech Republic, MAGIS Bratislava Slovakia


Emília Urbaníková


1998-2002 Private art training Emília Urbaníková. Nitra, Slovakia
Daniel Urbaník

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