Daniel Harris

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Royston, United Kingdom


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Yo! Daniel. You have a super awesome collection of artwork here on your website. I am a real fan of oils and watercolor. If you’re ever in the United States pop by my place sometime. I’d love to chat art with you for hours on end over a warm cup of cocoa on the balcony of my penthouse suite overlooking the Frisco Bay! You seem like one cool dude. All the best with your new website buddy.

Glen A. Hurley | Apr 26, 2018

Ваши работы невероятны. Следите за хорошей работой и отлично проводите день!

Klim Nevzorov | Apr 26, 2018

J'aime vraiment votre style. Votre illustration est excellente. Bien joué!

Heloise Fréchette | Apr 26, 2018

©2018 by Daniel Harris
©2018 Daniel Harris
Lonely Scene with False Creation - Digital Arts ©2018 by Daniel Harris - Landscape

Beau travail ! félicitations !

yve's France | Apr 27, 2018