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Dan Civa

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Added Nov 29, 2016
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Dan Civa opinion about art and art life


The colors in these paintings is a changing idea, as a colorist, to paint great and amazing animals in a different, imaginative way with respectful distance from the natural and often boring colors.



Dan Civa prefer to be independent from commercial galleries and feel free to paint  whatever appeal to his emotions and  the inconstant variety of life forms around us in the place we live, or by discover other cultures and life styles in the amazing World.  Being connected to one gallery he would feel stocked to create the same style of artwork  for commercial reasons. Any talented artist who can manage a personal, professional technique, should feel free to express what comes to his mind, without any artdealers order to produce for own profit. 

The truth of free art is individual talented with emotional curiosity and honesty


About my abstract artworks:

Emotional movements is a series of new abstractions in oil paintings on canvas or wood boards.  The idea is to express the momentary feelings from the individual state of mind with memories of everything that moves around us in the dayly life between people and animals and the invariable changeable nature


Added Mar 11, 2016
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Dan Civa Art Works from the period with Human Animal motifs in paintings and drawings

Added Jan 10, 2016
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This video shows examples of small abstract/figurative paintings, all 45x38 cm in white passepartout 70x50 cm and framed with glass and light wood frames

Added Jan 10, 2016
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Future related motifs referring to coming possibilities in the development of genetic engineering. Oil paintings and drawings are reflecting examples of transgenetic manipulation with human beings and
animals. A hypothetical, imaginary progress in evolution of today - a foreseeble possibility of tomorrow.

Added Jan 10, 2016
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One of many ways to create abstract art works. Manage the proces step by step with concentration and constructive planning. Find your own individual technic based on the idea and wish to create something different that comes from your talent and feelings

Added Oct 26, 2003
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SCULPTURES in rosewood - Thailand

SCULPTURES in hard wood from rosewood roots
Polished and mounted on nature stones from million of years
Dan Civa sculptures are produced in his studio in the North of Thailand.

Sculpture innovation in new look for modern life -style

Added Oct 26, 2003
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Human Animal

Dan Civa art works with the title HumanAnimal, in oil paintings and drawings, are the combination of human and animal, called xenotransplantation. These art works is a production of Dan Civa from the period 1979 - 1995. Examples of genetic engineering by manipulation of human and animals, predict the possibilities in the near future. Maybe a hypothetical illusion of today, but a imaginary, realistic fact of tomorrow. The collection of these exceptional art works has been shown in a private owned gallery one time only. And mentioned in several newspapers and local tv. All these art works are not for sale - they are privately saved for fututre documentation and warning signals for uncontrolled future perspectives.

Examples of Dan Civa art works here in Artmajeur gallery
and >

Added Oct 26, 2003
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DAN CIVA: Danish, international painter with realistic/expressive style. Self-taught and Academic Art School. Born 1939 in Denmark. Live also in North Thailand.
Subjects in paintings: animals, people and nature i warm colours, especially influenced from long time staying in the Far East with kinship in Sri Lanka.
Glowing pictures with motifs from Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Denmark, depict a number of experiences among colourful people in different stories of everydays life style and temperaments.
For the last 22 years also TRANSGÉNETIC MOTIFS of ´HumanAnimals´in paintings and drawings with the combination of human being and animal, referring to coming possibilities in the future of genetic engineering.
Ideas and inspiration comes from a personal, deep interest in experiments and new ways from results in science and research, today and tomorrow.
Before: Educated as Artistic Decorator of Window Displays 1953-1957. Special School 1958-1959 with diploma. Allround Freelance Decorator and Sign Writer 1961-1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Privately owned gallery called "Civa Gallery" 1980-1984 and Privately owned gallery called the "Species Gallery" 1995-1999 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Emigration with family to Sri Lanka 1983-1984. Back to Denmark 1984.
Established the arrangement "Art Studio Project" from October 1988 - January 1989 with Dan Civa as organizer, exhibitor and player in zoo-cage studio with dayly, public contemplation and many visitors.
Exhibitions since 1978 in Public Galleries and many Art Associations. Participation in several Hanging Committee Exhibitions, Art Houses, Art Centers, Art Museums and other.

Added Oct 26, 2003
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DAN CIVA : Oil paintings and drawings, in realistic style, are reflecting portrait examples of transgenetic manipulation with human beings and animals. Probably a hypothetical, imaginary development of today but a foreseeable realistic possibility of tomorrow. These art works are all, more or less, influenced from genetic reseach, but I try at the same time to go some steps further into a still unpredictable future perspective. A well-informed acknowledment of consciousness by possible things' continuation and repression of the impossible matters in life. At the same time, my mission with such paintings is a warning signal of anziety for power structure of the human race. When human, somehow, want to play God, the risk could be fatal for our existence.

Transgenetic manipulation separately with human beings and with animals, and with man & animal, with plants etc, were earlier just "a whim in the course of nature". Today and in the future these evolution-wishes can be realized genetically.
Whatever we like it or not. With the inborn need of curiosity through the human brain there´s only ethical distance to the already started gene theraphy and gene cloning with everything this brings along for mankind.