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Moinesti (Dada City), Romania


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I believe that each of us change the world, and I make hard efforts to improve and to reinvent my univers! It has to be a better place for those who love the beautyful delicate arts...


Viorel Florin Costea (vfc) is a dizzy bard, a wild dreamer, a clumsy alchemist, and a tenacious dadaist, for sure!
He loves to make classical mixed media collages, starting from an elaborated sketch (in pen/ink or in digital) until a final version on cardboard, on plastic panel or on wood - making a complex composition with a lot of materials as leather, (old) photos, pictures from books and magazines, metallic pieces, contours, colored pencils and charcoal/chalk, different other. In general, he adds touches with paint, acrylic most of the times, but he uses all kinds of colored sprays, colored pencils and permanent markers, pieces of burlap or flax, strands and lanyards, artificial crystals, wooden and metallic balls, etc., etc. He was/he is very involved in the organization of an annual art camp in his town - an event where they invited dozens of professional artists from Romania and also from the almost all the continents - painters, sculptors, collagist, graphic-designers and so on! Viorel Florin among them, he stayed for hours and hours each day with them, he learned thousands of very good hints, amazing techniques, important details about different materials, lessons about the lights and colors, lots of other essential things - so he has decided to experiment, to work hard, to improvise, as a true dadaist! These are the chapters of his career in art! As an artist, he really thinks that what you will discover here will help you to understand what great importance has the experiments with collages and mixed media in his life!

Everything he knows about the arts he has experimented on his own, he's an autodidact! He has read lots of books because, of course, he is a passionate reader, he has studied lots of art albums, he has discussed with lots of artists - part of them were our guests at the International art camp editions. He works hard in his atelier, he is serious and he doesn't sit on the fence, he doesn't make compromises! Viorel Florin Costea likes to think that all he did/does is made with passion, with warm feelings, with good thoughts about the other passionate artists! So, you have to know this, he doesn't have diplomas in art - everything he did, everything he does is in his own way! He is also an experimented user of CorelDraw and Corel Photo-Paint, and he makes logos and icons, all kinds of promotional stuff like business cards, banners, ads and etc., but also abstract digital compositions mixing imagination with fantasy!
Viorel Florin Costea lives in a small town from Romania named Moinesti (in Moldavia province), also known internationally as Dada City, 'cause here they have a monumental monument dedicated to Tristan Tzara (who was born here in 1896) and to the Dada movement!

Dada City (Moinesti) - Romania is a magical place - you have to come here someday to see with your own eyes...


Robert Rauschenberg, Pic Adrian, Hannah Hoch, Victor Brauner, Yair Garbuz, Carmen Poenaru, Liviu Nedelcu, Mihai Chiuaru, Antoni Tapies, Mircea Bujor, Kurt Schwitters, Iosif Kiraly

Solo Expositions

2018 Dada's Experiment, Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

Collective Expositions

2019 Dada East - Tout Est Dada, Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

2014 Recycled Trophies, Tampa, Florida, United States

Permanent Collections

2018 Dad'Art, Moinesti (Dada City) - Cultural Center, Romania