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My name is GHEORGHIU CLAUDIU VICTOR and I was born in October 1967 in Bucharest.
In 1998 I took the master degree at University from Bucharest , the Faculty of History- universal old history section- with theme (CONSTANTIN the GREAT and CHRISTIANITY) at professor LIGIA BARZU.
In 1991 I graduated Art School , PAINTING section with TITU DRAGUTESCU.
I painted sacred pictures from 1990. I paint in technique tempera or tempera with egg on wood. During the period 1992-1994 I was art director at COLEUS modern art gallery .
I am member of the Association Branch of Religious Plastic Arts and Restoration : AFAPRR of UAP from Romania: Romanian Fine Arts Union from 9th of April 2016, admitted by contest. I was member in Plastic Background(FP) belong Romanian Fine Arts Union (UAP) from 7th of December 2000, admitted by contest.
From 25th of May 2015 I was elected Media advisor of the Steering Committee of the Association Branch of Religious Plastic Arts and Restoration : AFAPRR of UAP from Romania: Romanian Fine Arts Union.
From 2014 I am member VISARTA(from March 31, 2017, I was elected in the Steering Committee of Visarta, during the period 2017-2022), the Romanian Visual Arts Copyright Collecting Society.
I have 4th Personal Exhibitions with sacred art organized by UAP from Romania- Romanian Fine Arts Union in Bucharest (2001,2003,2004 at ArTei Gallery, 2007 at Galateea Gallery) and another at Silva Gallery in Busteni(2007-2008). I have also 2 Personal Exhibitions in Italy : I was Honor Guest, representing Romania, with sacred art, June 2003 at Pisa and in October 2006 ”The ICONS, sacred pictures in contemporary world” at Viadana(Mantua). I participated at many group/collective exhibitions in Romania and around the world.
I won some prizes in Italy(Taormina, Palermo) and I participated, admitted by contest, at some art fairs and international exhibitions around the world, representing Romania: most of them in Italy(Pompeii, Pisa, Turin, Milano, Reggio Emilia, Bari, Viadana, Mantua), but also in France, Greece, Japan, Peru, South Korea, Switzerland.
”La Spina” Art Gallery it was my reference gallery in Northern and Central Italy, Manager–Federico Bellini. Starting with September 2004 my reference gallery it was “Bellini Arte”, Cascina–Pisa, Art Director Federico Bellini. From October 2006 to 2009 my reference gallery in ITALY it was Cinema Teatro VITTORIA Galleria d’arte, Viadana-Mantua , my ART Manager in ITALY it was during the period 2004-2013(R.I.P.) Mr. SILVANO FARLONI.
From May 2015 to January 2016 I was Contributing Editor at Culture (Fine Arts, Exhibitions, History, Religion) at the newspaper Jurnalul Bucurestiului. From 17th of January 2016 I was advanced Senior Editor at the same newspaper .. From 1st of January 2016 I am Senior Editor at Culture at the Intell News: Global news, press and event analysis.