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Catherine Rogers Jonsson

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Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing ... 39 Followers Member since 2005

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200x160x4 cm ©2018 by Catherine Rogers Jonsson
©2018 Catherine Rogers Jonsson
5-victory.jpg - Painting, 200x160x4 cm ©2018 by Catherine Rogers Jonsson - Symbolism, Canvas, Heroic-Fantasy, heroic women, baby, snake

jolie oeuvre

audrey segura France | Feb 12, 2018

61x45 cm ©2012 by Catherine Rogers Jonsson
©2012 Catherine Rogers Jonsson
Änglatider 10 - Painting, 61x45 cm ©2012 by Catherine Rogers Jonsson - Nude, angel bending

i tuoi disegni, mi hanno cambiato la mattinata iniziata male mi dico, finalmente trovo una galleria che tratta disegni e non arte leggera disegno impegnativo che scava nell'animo io ho la mia idea da anni: se un artista ha un bagaglio tecnico, culturale, privo di amorere e pratica di diseegno ,non sarà mai un bravo artista questa è la mia modesta idea rinnovo i miei complimenti per il tuo lavoro ciao bruno

bruno Desio, Italy | Sep 19, 2014

Hi Catherine, Your work has so much to say! Love how you are able to express yourself and I look forward to taking your workshops one day!

Jinny Nieviadomy Canada | Jun 16, 2012

Love the color and flow!

Frances Foxworth United States | Jun 14, 2012

©2009 by Catherine Rogers Jonsson
©2009 Catherine Rogers Jonsson
DSCF3723.JPG - Painting ©2009 by Catherine Rogers Jonsson -

awesome presentation.... those reds emerging out of this  activity, reminds me of those touches of reds that emerge so powerfully, from a Delacroix, a Gericault. paintings that are not afraid to look inside ourselves and to express whatever expressive distortions that may emerge from the artist's pall ete and mind and heart. in the end, catherine's work is moving. and it stands out in a world that is  predominantly sterile.  but her work, does not stand alone, or is left out of the limelight.  it is here and there. once seen, it is everywhere.- artist and critic- elliot bassman

Elliot Bassman New York, United States | Apr 25, 2012

hi sweetness- was looking at your works. i think some of the pieces that are the most recent on the site look fantastic! the drawing is dense..the winged and whites-- enormously personal..powerful, full. quite accomplished! congrats-love--el

Elliot Bassman New York, United States | Sep 22, 2011

Practicing living in Spain... Came here to see if I could find your mailing address without going engrossed in your 2009 show! How did that go? You look happy~ Are you throwing any POTS yet?

Anonymous | Jan 6, 2010

COOL,keep the ball rolling...your friend Rune :-)

Rune Finland | Aug 27, 2009

Hej Chaterine. Jag är inne på din hemsida då och då, och varje gång ser jag nya dimensioner av din konst. Den är fantastisk! Jag ger inte upp hoppet, en dag skall jag också kunna måla så! Vi ses till våren på kursen. Hälsningar Elisabeth

Elisabeth Johnsson Sweden | Dec 15, 2008

salut catherine j'ai aimer beaucoup tes travaux je les trouves vraiment beaux même tres beaux je vous invite avec un grand plaisir a venir visiter mon site sur art majeur. artiste peintre63 encore une fois bravo et une bonne continuation dans ton parcours artistiques.amicalement nouredine.b.

nouredinebouzidiart Bejaia, Algeria | Oct 24, 2008

Hej Catherine!Jag var väldigt intresserad av hur det gick med dina dockor och hittade mother and child här på sidan. Imponerande! Intressanta och lite trollika. Lycka till! När jag skaffar hus återkommer jag. Då behöver jag lite att fylla väggarna med. / Sara (på Ruden)

Sara | Oct 7, 2008

j aime beaucoup votre travail et puis merci pour votre message ca me touche beaucoup

Aziz Kacimi El Hassani Alger, Algeria | Sep 9, 2008

great paintings .be on tuch.

mutaz elemam Sudan | Apr 14, 2008

Catherine your work looks great, both haunting and beautiful. Nice to see it all together on one page. Powerful. Nancy

nancy United States | Jan 2, 2008

Dearest Catherine Your works are so stunning! I am so sorry about your artwork which has been stolen by this art enemy Tony van Schaik. This is very sad! I really hope you find your work soon sisi Blessings on you! 'nette

annette du plessis Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa | Jun 19, 2007

Nice to see your webpage

Mohammad Faisal Bosnia & Herzegovina | Jun 17, 2007

Hej! Tycker om dina bilder som starkt påverka mig. Är konstnär och barnterapeut. Arbetar med sexuellt utsatta barn. Skulle vilja jobba med bildterapi. Kan du förmedla någon kunskap till mig vore jag glad.

marianne björn Sweden | May 23, 2007

The work you do is truly amazing and you are a talented artist with a pure heart and soul that helps you express the truth and beauty in all your work.

Nikolay Sivenkov Sochi city, Russia | May 17, 2007

Hi, Got your site address from Dee Miko! regards, Sven

Sven Lingardsz Sweden | Apr 23, 2007

HI Catherine, Stumbled across your this website and thoguth I woudl say hello ! Looks like you are very active and doing lots of exciting things with art and art therapy ! Susan

Susan United States | Mar 11, 2007

Une grande charge émotionnelle, et une liberté acquise. C'est donc ça l'expressionnisme?? Bye, fred H.

Frhégo France | Oct 14, 2006

Hi Catherine- I looked at about 10 so far-- looks like some of your strongest works-- some great color combos- liked that cat! Compelling images- great themes! congrats!--elliot

Elliot Bassman New York, United States | Sep 6, 2006

Love your work great vibrant co.ors nice compositions very positive.

Peter Wolodkowicz | May 24, 2006

your work is inspirering!!! i really enjoyed looking at your site! keep one making your art!

simona Panama | May 24, 2006

Love your work. Very deep. Thanks for sharing.

Rosana Panama | May 24, 2006

Hi Catherine Thanks for your kind words to me. I love your work especially the pure intense colors that hold their place

William Dunn Stillwater Oklahoma, United States | May 2, 2006

thank you so much for sharing your artwork with me! i love, love "Summer Diary 2005" and "Quartet 2"awsome!

Shannon Deana United States | Apr 13, 2006


DEANE SCOTT United States | Apr 5, 2006

hi, Catherine,thanks for your message,I like your work, too, composition of colors, very sensible, materials.the photo of you and your artwork is very great,sincerely,agnexsorry for my bad english !

ag X Ares, France | Mar 8, 2006

Looks like you have quite a following in Papua New Guinea. Congratulations! Seriously, may you enjoy continued success.

Stephen Hawks United States | Feb 25, 2006