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Biography/ Biografía

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in an italian family. Being a child, I discovered the world of art and colors. Later I studied drawing with Prof. R. Sanjulian (Buenos Aires); watercolor, acrylic and oilpainting with Prof. C. Dartiguelongue and E.Serna (Buenos Aires); sumi-é (japanese painting) with Prof. Y.Takagi (Buenos Aires) and I deepened oilpainting with my master, S. Stitchkin, (Santiago, Chile).
I attended workshops in Sao Paulo (Brazil), lead by Prof. C. Ibelli, N. Camargos and E. Raposeiro and the 2nd Figurative Workshop with Prof. A. López and J.J. Aquerreta (España).
Teaching activity at many educative institutions in Chile and Spain.
I exhibited several times in Argentina (1986-87), Germany (1993 y 2013), Japan (2010), Chile (Fine Arts National Society and other, 2003-07), Brazil (2004), Italy (2011-2017), UK (2017) and Spain (2007-2017).
My works are able to be found at many private collections and institutions of Germany, Spain, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Chile.



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