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I'm a perfectionist.


I'm a painter, an artist.
The Academy of fine arts Hamburg Paris I graduated with honors.
My works I showed it in many countries.

My paintings show the beauty of life and its elements.

The main direction of my painting is impressionism.
I paint in oil and watercolor, but also I reach for a pencil, pen or charcoal, when I'm going to make a portraits of people and elements of nature.
To know my creativity - I invite you to my site.

In my art gallery I exhibit paintings representing the direction of my interests and inspirations. 

I respect Jewish culture and art with great respect, I admire the Torah's resolutions and I admire the fact that to this day they have not lost their topicality, but assimilated by successive trends, born on the canvas of Jewishness, lead us through life.


Laonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Mandy Sand


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Solo Expositions

2010 Herbsmusik Wolfsburg, Germany

Collective Expositions

2016 colors Leverkusen, Germany

2009 Burgaussichten Neuhaus/Wolfsburg, Germany