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betwothal-grazyna-hajewski-c-ink-black-watercolor-of-paper-24x17cmx275g-m-nr-63414n.jpg (2014)
Ink on Paper (9.5x6.7 in)

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery natur.

Techniques Ink
Support or surface Paper
Framing No
Related themes

Drawing , Ink , Abstract Art , Animals , Birds , Nature , Grażyna , Hajewski , art , artmajeur , countess , drawing , natur , portrait , animals , bird , ink , brush , pen , paper


betwothal, Grazyna Hajewski c. ink black, watercolor of paper 24x17cmx275g/m², no 63414 betwothal, Grazyna Hajewski c. ink black, watercolor of paper 24x17cmx275g/m², no 63414

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