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Let my artwork make you happy.......

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Thank you for looking in Conrad Bloemers art store. His passion is making art. His whole life he made art with photography , flowers and paint. He likes to paint abstracts because everyone can see or find in his paintings what they will see in there mind and state that you are. Mainly he uses a brush, palet knives on canvas or polystyrene for a differened texture. When he start a painting he's thinking of something he want to put on the canvas but it almost never happens because his hand has it's own mind and makes something beautiful. He had schooling in the USA and in the Netherlands. Let me say this, enjoy his artwork at your home.


Picasso, Van Gogh, lots of modern abstract artists


2001-2003 Art acad. Santa Barbara, CA., United States
1996-1999 Photo acad. Los Angeles, CA., United States
1974-1978 floral designer Amsterdam, Netherlands
1974-1976 master floral designer Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conrad Bloemers

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2020 Health centers around Lelystad Lelystad, Netherlands

2017 artscene Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands

2016 WBL Lelystad, Netherlands

2014 WTC Almere, Netherlands

Collective Expositions

2020 T. Gallery Lelystad, Netherlands

2020 T. Gallery Lelystad, Netherlands

2019 T.Gallery Lelystad, Netherlands

2018 T. Gallery Lelystad, Netherlands

2016 WTC Almere, Netherlands

2011 Div. galleries county Los Angeles, CA., United States

Permanent Collections

2019 Art en leen Lelystad, Netherlands

2017 WBL Lelystad, Netherlands

2015 Burgemeester Lelystad Lelystad, Netherlands

2015 Dutch artist management bldg. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2011 Real estate Collection Burbank, CA., United States

2009 D.R. Santa Monica, CA., United States

1999 Cosentino's collection Malibu, CA., United States

1998 Few Famous artist Los Angeles, CA., United States