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Added Jan 16, 2019 by Philippe Seigle
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Vernissage viagem encantada ! Rio de Janeiro 12/2018

SOFITEL Ipanema 

Added Jan 16, 2019 by Philippe Seigle
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Vernissage POP UP ART Rio de Janeiro 12/01/19

Added Jan 16, 2019 by Murielle Truchetet
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"Salut ça va?!!" .... On est combien à formuler ce truc idiot. Fausse politesse d'intérêt inexistant pour la réponse. Je viens de croiser un homme qui a été important. Qui m'a donné ma chance. Exposition éphémère et shooting photos.  On s'est dit un vrai "salut ça va?!" Et on a chacun écouté, savouré les réponses à tiroirs de l'autre. Et ça m'a fait monter un joli ascenseur dans la colonne. "Ne pas se tromper de référentiel Murielle. Surtout. Et lorsqu'on est conscient de ses priorités, les vivre. Quand on n'y est pas, au bon endroit au bon moment avec la bonne personne, ça ne se rattrape qu'en regrets et remords"...

Et oui... Alors, vous?! Ça va?!

Vous y êtes, vous, à ce que vous faites?!

À l'endroit, à l'heure et avec la personne que vous voulez au fond de vous?!

Que s'envole du ras des pâquerettes cette colombe Kleenex mouillé ...

Je m'oblige encore, des fois, à être aux mauvais endroits, aux mauvais moments avec des importuns. Rendez-vous biaisés avec la vie, qui, certes, peuvent apporter du terreau et du fumier aux pieds de nos rosiers, mais trop d'engrais tue. 

Un vrai "salut ça va" qui m'a bien fil à plombée. 

Je vais agir autrement ...

Et vous?!

Added Jan 16, 2019 by Steve George
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Top Tips for Creating Photomontage That Wows Viewers

You must have come across images where you can view a smooth transition of events over a time period within a single frame. On one photographic surface, many viewpoints can be depicted simultaneously. This is the magic of photo-montage. 

Understanding Photo-montage

Photo-montage is a sequence of individual images pertaining to a common subject/ theme which are collectively arranged for creation of a single photograph. Mobility can be added to photo-montage by incorporating video.

Our eyes are accustomed to seeing photos that have only one frame captured by the click of camera lens. The sense of time is not conveyed by such a photograph. The position where the camera is directed is only captured. However, with photomontage, a series of photos can be showcased in a single image. 

The constituent images of the photo-montage can be captured over different time periods. Photographer can capture the individual images at various locations. However, for achieving impeccable and seamless results, some caution must be exercised. 

Photo-montages resemble cubism wherein there is not restriction on time or incorporated perspectives. You may have images relevant to a single subject or different interest points within same artwork. The results would appear visually appealing if coherence of images is assured. Any imbalance in visual touch points can ruin the essence of this artwork. 

Photomontage Facts

With the advent of photo montage software and mobile apps, you can easily disintegrate a single image to give an illusion of many photos in a series. This is against the spirit of real photomontage. Such popular software may result in visually charming and graphically attractive outcomes, but depth or artistic flair is missing in such flat photos. 

Photo-montage may involve bringing together images that may not be related or are remotely related to each other. 

Separating Photomontage from Collage

The origin of term ‘collage’ is in French ‘Coller’ signifying glue. In collage, different works of art are juxtaposed for creating a unique photograph. It is similar to gluing different images on a flat piece of paper. Collage can bring under one frame many different things like photos, paintings, paper clippings, canvas etc. 

Photo-montage is like a collage of photographs and can be made with same cut and paste technique. But photo-montage enjoys other advantages over collage. In earlier times, the photographer used to put films or transparent films together on the collage canvas and glue them together along with other form of artworks.

The defining point between photo-montage vs collage is that collage can include different forms of artwork whereas photo-montage consists of only images. With the advancement of digital techniques, photo-montage can be created easily with software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom

Developing Photo-montage Creatively 


                           Image Source: WinBizSolutions

Photo-montage can be creatively developed from different genres of photography. You can take your creativity on a flight of imagination to come up with best results. Invest quality time and practice incessantly to hone your skill of leveraging proven photo-montage techniques.

The art is different from stacking pictures together. Photo-montage is a creative form where you have to spend time to produce results as immaculate as painting or sculpting. 

For creating unique and personalized photo-montages, you would need a camera, computing device, printer, board, marker, roller and glue. 

Creating your First Photomontage

Start with a simple photo-montage and gradually build up on your skills. As you develop familiarity with processes involved and devise a workflow pattern that suits you, you can unleash your imagination. 

Subject Selection

1) Carefully assess and establish the objective behind creating the photo montage.

2) Don’t take inspiration from normal photography ideas.

3) Consider how spatial and time dimensions can be creatively expressed.

4) Choose a static subject or theme for initial photo-montage.

5) You may take photos of the subject multiple times for achieving perfection.

6) Refrain from choosing a moving subject as complexities would increase.

7) Start with something simple and embark on photo-montage creation


1) Chalk out ways to capture photos of the subject in creative manner

2) Decide on the number of photos you want to use

3) Think out ways to remain thematically as closer to the subject as possible

4) Choose the camera lens carefully for capturing different shots of the subject

5) Go with standard lens of 50 mm for ensuring ease of photo compilation

6) Refrain from lens with wider angle as distortions at images’ edges may surface

7) Rectifying such distortions can be a painful and tedious process

8) Your goal should be to develop a montage of 20-30 images in finalized versionCompilation can be difficult if number of images are too high or too small


1) Resort to creative photography ideas and capture photos in excess 

2) Derive value from each captured photo

3) Mentally create a grid of your subject for following through.

4) This ensures that each aspect of the subject gets captured 

5) Start from the corner shot of the subject.

6) Focus on overlapping the photos.When photographing from right to left, watch out some visual cue

7) The cue must appear near the left side of your composition

8) Capture the photo and then slide your camera to the left

9) Capture the next shot with the cue still featuring in the composition on frame’s right side

10) Emphasize on capturing photos which are overlapping in certain respects

11) All photos must not be in a straight line.

12) You can enjoy higher flexibility while laying out the photo montage

13) Abstain from taking huge number of images 

14) Try to cover all aspects of the subject and take a few pictures in excess

15) This would ensure that best situational photos can be used

16) Individual photographs of each aspect of the subject should be captured creatively

17) This would allow for variation in the composition 

18) You can consider photographing the subject or scene portion multiple times

19) Object captured many times can be put at different parts of the frame

20) Top, bottom or corner; changing positions would offer more options

30) More the options, better is the developed photo-montage

Managing The Images

1) Don’t go directly for printing of photos

2) Montage compiling should be done using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom

3) Other imaging software can also be used 

4) The basic motto should be to have images separately on multiple layers

5) All photos made on the computer must be loaded

6) Even if you encounter technical issues, never delete any photo

7) A distorted image can be used as a filler if needed

8) Choose the best set of images

9) Focus on photos that can charm onlookers in standalone mode 

10) Keep all photos in a dedicated folder

11) Select the major set of photos carefully to complement your photo montage compilation

12) Visualize the edges carefully and choose suitable images

13) The composition should be filled properly with right set of images

14) Images set aside for photo montage should be kept in different folder

Resizing The Images

1) Photos should be resized based on the size ratio of finished photo-montage 

2) Ideal resolution of photos is 300 dpi or dots per inch 300 dpi would ensure uniform size irrespective of the printing device.

3) Choose the number of photos carefully by considering the height and width of the proposed photo-montage.

4) Individual photos can also be resized for fitting in the propose dimensions.

5) Always have a standard size to start with; you can modify the same later on.

6) Images should always be in .jpeg formats and compression aspect should be minimum.

7) Compression ratio would be dependent on the number of images.

8) Processing power of your device would also be crucial 

You are now done with photo montage creation. You can share the same with your near ones to get their feedback and constructive reviews. The seamless manner in which individual images would blend together in the final photo montage would leave onlookers wondering if they are discrete files or a continuum. Digital version would be different in appearance compared to handmade one. 

You can analyze the work done by cubists and learn from them. You can explore the dimensions which you can bring in to your photography through photo montage. If you are running short of time and want to produce spectacular photo montage within a short time, you must reach out to reputed photo post-processing company offering photo montage services.

Added Jan 16, 2019 by Vega CADD
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Why 2D and 3D CAD Drafting is Important for your Project?


Computer Aided Design (CAD) has revolutionized design in the architectural, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries. If an individual has ever tried to create a 3D model manually, it is a complicated and time-consuming process. CAD 3D model software can take the 2D model and turn it into 3D quickly and easily. With the help of CAD Drafting Services, the user can create replicate as many copies as much individual want.

CAD is majorly used for detailed engineering drawings of 2D and 3D Cad Drafting models of physical components. It is also used throughout the engineering process from conceptual design to the layout of products. CAD also helps in strengthening and dynamic analysis of assemblies to definition of manufacturing methods of components. The designed product on the system can be tested, modified and finalized for final production.

CAD allows an individual to use standard house designs, which can save time for architects and therefore will enable them to be ahead of the project and deadlines. CAD enables to create very realistic designs and images. 2D and 3D Cad Drafting Virtual environment help in pictures of real-life buildings. The computer memories the drawing in every dimension possible so that the user doesn’t have to waste time trying to remember what the sketch looked like and which is which drawing. With the help of CAD, an individual can copy the design as much he/she likes.

At VegaCadd we understand your concerns concerning 2D or 3D Architectural CAD Drafting. Our virtual firm hires the best professionals that work with the clients intimately to understand their delivery and needs. We, at, is a leading CAD Drafting Service Provider Firm and do have a good presence in countries like US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. choose the high-quality best CAD firm at the most affordable price.

Looking to have assistance for 2D or 3D CAD Drafting? Rayvat Engineering can assist you with all aspects of CAD Drafting, Construction Documentation, CAD Conversion, and 3D Modeling’s requirements. Do Get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate.

Read More:

Added Jan 16, 2019 by David Berkowitz Chicago
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Why does this painting cost so much?

There is almost no person who, when meets with abstract art painting, do not get confused. A few spots on a canvas, a field of pure color, a web of lines that does not cause any association... While others stand in front of the picture and watch it impassively, you are wondering what the thing is and what have you missed. But don't despair this is a completely normal reaction.

Art can be confusing

What makes abstract painting so much confusing, for David Berkowitz Chicago is the complete absence of references (historical, mythological, biblical, psychological ...) and the impression that nothing is presented in the picture. Unlike the subject painting, abstract images do not have specific, recognizable physical objects from the phenomenal reality. Only visual elements can be seen in the picture, and the observer gets the impression that it is a mere decoration that does not have any particular artistic value.


This "absence" of content and the impossibility of attaining the meaning of an artistic work in people, unfortunately, most often causes negative reactions and ridicule. How many times have you heard or pronounced the sentence "It could've been my child painting this"? People like to see things in the pictures they want to see in reality and most of us like images that look "real". As the only correct rhymes of the forms and colors of the old masters, it is undesirable that any innocence that the modern artist deliberately represents. But "there is no greater obstacle to enjoying great artistic works than our own habits and unwillingness to reject our prejudices," says painter David Berkowitz Chicago.

Is Naive Art Important?

Of course, this does not mean that works of classical or some other artists are less important or valuable. There is no such thing as progress in the art world, there is only an evolution of different styles. Where one painting direction gets - the other loses and vice versa. What, however, is defeating is the categorical refusal of the contemporary observer to give the opportunity of naive art.

And in order to truly understand a naive artwork, David Berkowitz Chicago believes it is not enough to go to the museum and flick through the exhibits in seconds. This kind of observation is extremely superficial. Every work of art is related to a particular social context, created in a special environment, and only when a basic insight into the ideological circumstances at the time of its creation is reached, its position within the developmental flow of art and learns more about the life of its creator, it is only then that it is possible to obtain a more realistic picture of the work and appreciate it more. Art should not only be viewed, but art should also be read.

After all, quite logically, the following questions are posed: Why would artists spend their time on education and invest so much effort in perfecting artistic skills to later "pull three lines"? Why should these art objects be exhibited in museums, if they already do not have any artistic value? Why would naive arts be dedicated to the entire monograph? Why would naive painting be an integral part of the study program of art academies and departments of art history around the world? Why do these art objects at auctions reach the price of several tens of millions of dollars?

David Berkowitz Chicago Answers Questions

In order to answer these questions and understand the essence and value of intangible painting, it is very important to explain what type of changes David Berkowitz Chicago painting has experienced to date. More on this subject can be read from Berkowitz's interview for Medium.

Added Jan 16, 2019 by Murielle Truchetet
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"-Enfin, garçon, vous savez bien ce que je veux dire... Une eau qui bondit quand on la débouche... Une eau qui rit. Une eau qui est dans la bouche comme une gorgée de champagne et une poignée d'aiguilles..."

Colette ajoutait qu'il "est moins pénible de boire un verre de vin médiocre que d'avaler une gorgée d'eau fade".

Être exigeante... C'est bien vouloir verser de l'eau dans son vin, parfois, mais que les deux soient exceptionnels. En tous points.


Added Jan 16, 2019 by Murielle Truchetet
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Le fil.... dénoué, posé langoureusement sur le plancher ....

Fil à la patte?! Enfin coupé?!

Fil des Parques?! Nona... Decima ou Morta qui tranche the end my friend.

Fil karmique en pose pause?!

Ou juste un voir un bout de fil noir qui traine par terre témoin du ménage qui laisse à désirer de par chez moi-BiBi?!

Ahhhhhhh Carl-Gustav... Que me dirais-tu?!

Des symboles ....

Ben moi.... J'y vois une fleur cœur avec une feuille infinie...

Je dois être cinglée...

Et tant mieux... Tiens... Toi qui es ma super haltère de l'egaux nous sommes en terme de dinguerie, je te l'offre... Prends-en soin en l'enfilant dans le chas... Elle est hyper magique cette fleur de fil en aiguille ...

Added Jan 16, 2019 by Murielle Truchetet
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L'adage et la culture populaire aiment à dire qu'avec de l'humour... tout passe...

Hmmmmm l'humour est si facetté.

Mon fil gracieux... est la poésie et la délicatesse. Même dans l'argot.

Un "je t'emmerde" offert avec un bouquet de pâquerettes... C'est le "va Rodrigue je ne te hais point" de Chimène.

Chacun sa trame ...

Added Jan 16, 2019 by YDAN SARCIAT
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Added Jan 16, 2019 by Tomomi Sato
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Art Innsbruck will start at soon.!!
I will exhibit 2 works.locandina-art-innsbruck-1.jpg

Added Jan 16, 2019 by Tomomi Sato
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The 17th NAU 21st Century NEW ARTIST UNIT EXHIBITION 2019

The 17th NAU 21st Century NEW ARTIST UNIT EXHIBITION  2019
2019, February 6 (Wed) - February 17 (Sun)
The National Art Center, Exhibition Room 1A
10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Friday until 20: 00)
In the last day February 17 (Sun) We can enter the Venue until 18: 00
Closed on February 12 (Tuesday)
Free entrance
※ I will exhibit 1 work.


Added Jan 16, 2019 by Lupe Rocha
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Added Jan 16, 2019 by Suo Yuan WANG
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Errance (à props de mon travail encre de Chine sur toile)


Il semblerait que nous n’ayons qu’une vie…. que faire sur le chemin qui la traverse et nous mène vers demain ?
Que trouverons-nous au bout de celui-ci?
Sans doute, la plupart des hommes se posent-ils ces questions…
Chaque jour, on s’interroge, cherche des réponses ; dès la naissance nous sommes engagés sur cette voie qui nous pousse à en savoir toujours plus.

Il apparaîtra que ce voyage est riche d’enseignements, de rencontres variées, de découvertes, avec pour chaque histoire un dénouement…. triste ou joyeux, stimulant ou ordinaire .

Quand je me retourne sur mon enfance, je revois mon père m’expliquant pour la première fois la signification des deux caractères qui composent mon prénom « suo – yuan », respectivement « exploration » et « source »….
Explorer la source toute ma vie durant, un des objectifs que je me suis fixé.

Ainsi, l’inspiration jaillit d’un point, d’un trait d’encre, d’une goutte d’huile associée aux pigments minéraux, d’un papier artisanal ou de cadeaux que m’ offrent la nature et qui jonchent ma route : là une feuille , là un morceau d’écorce…
Elle est faite de tous ces éléments : eau , feu, bois , terre, et métaux qui composent notre univers, et représentent tous ses états.
Les phénomènes que sont l’ombre et la lumière sont également présents au cœur de mon travail, ils y reconstituent un espace imaginaire particulier.

Chaque création est le fruit d’une recherche qui, couronnée de succès ou avortée, sera toujours à la source d’idées nouvelles et d’évènements uniques, imprévisibles et, le plus souvent, enthousiasmants.
Ce sont des révélations que l’on ne peut apprendre de la bouche de personne, ni tirer des pages d’aucun livre.

Au fil du temps, je me sens dans la peau d’un errant, d’un explorateur de la matière, d’un expérimentateur des possibilités de celle –ci ;
vivant perpétuellement dans l’incertitude et devant relever des défis qui se posent sans cesse à lui.
C’est un voyage solitaire mais palpitant, qui me laisse aussi souvent perplexe qu’emplit d’espoirs …, avancer toujours, ne jamais m’arrêter, ni me contenter du peu, voir grand, voir loin, et aller au bout de ce désir !

Prenant appui sur de nouvelles recherches plastiques, j’ai décidé de repartir à zéro en me dégageant des contraintes de la technique que l’on m’a enseignée, tout en gardant cette dernière comme référence et modèle de comparaison.
Je veux découvrir mes propres médiums, mieux adaptés à ma créativité et évoluer en toute liberté.

Car si on désire trouver une pierre précieuse, il n’est pas nécessaire de fréquenter une bijouterie de luxe, il faut aller la trouver dans son monde intérieur, elle n’aura peut–être pas la splendeur du diamant, l’élégance de l’émeraude, ou la profondeur d’un saphir ; ce sera sans doute une pierre banale aux yeux de tous, mais celui qui la possèdera reconnaîtra sa valeur inestimable d’un simple regard, et maints souvenirs et moments inoubliables lui reviendront à l’esprit.
Elle lui donnera une raison d’exister, sera le symbole de ce qui pousse l’homme à accomplir de grandes choses.

Les rêves et les utopies sont le moteur de notre vie, .
Les objectifs une fois atteints peuvent être considérés comme un aboutissement,
une finalité ; comme un cercle que l’on tracerait et qui se refermerait sur lui-même ; mais en réalité, ce sont des points de départ, des ouvertures sur quelque chose de différent, qui nous mène ailleurs.

L’art sous ses diverses formes m’offre un lieu où je réfléchis objectivement et sans contrainte.
C’est un langage étrange et merveilleux qui me transporte loin des banalités du quotidien et qui me pousse au dépassement de moi.
Les débuts sont modestes mais la persévérance et la patience accompagnent mes actions dans cette quête de quintessence de la vie….

Paris, 2009

Added Jan 15, 2019 by Eric Despretz
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lorsque l' on se sens habité

face à cette nudité

c' est le es-ce--oh-est-ce

Added Jan 15, 2019 by Dominique HERNANDEZ
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ART CAPITAL Grand Palais

Paris, France

Wednesday 13 February 2019
Sunday 17 February 2019


Added Jan 15, 2019 by My FavouriteCar
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Added Jan 15, 2019 by Alain Muller
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Parc Des Expositions Toulouse, Rond-Point Michel Bénech, Toulouse, France

Friday 15 February 2019
Sunday 17 February 2019


Added Jan 15, 2019 by gilles quere
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Bonjour ou bonsoir à  toutes et tous.Je participe en temps que sculpteur a ce salon près de toulouse.Venez faire un tour,je vous accueillerais avec plaisir afin de répondre à  toutes les questions.A bientôt.

Added Jan 15, 2019 by Michel Guillet
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Animations et Démonstrations de pastel - 4 ème biennale de Pastel en Dauphiné


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Darlene Watson Portrait Darlene Watson Follow has posted a new comment
36x30x1 in ©2018 by Darlene Watson
It's Time - Painting, 36x30x1 in ©2018 by Darlene Watson - Abstract Expressionism, Canvas, Abstract Art, black, red, green, script, soft hues, teal, large canvas, international artist, Darlene Watson Art, Contemporary Artist, wallart, interior design, acrylic abstract, non-objective abstract, imagination, intuitive, emotional, spontaneous, shapes, lines, doodles, marker, pastel, graphite

Thank you so much. I do love to try to add a 60's vib. Thank you!

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FiOSHiZ /// /// /// /// /// /// FACTOR-Y Portrait FiOSHiZ /// /// /// /// /// /// FACTOR-Y Follow has posted a new comment
15.5x16x6 m ©2018 by FiOSHiZ /// /// /// /// /// /// FACTOR-Y
VAN GOGH, L'OREILLE ET LA NUIT ÉTOILÉE - FACE - - Painting, 15.5x16x6 m ©2018 by FiOSHiZ /// /// /// /// /// /// FACTOR-Y - Environmental Art, Wood, Portraits, naked, brut, art, AUTISME


Anna Ugrumova Portrait Anna Ugrumova Follow has posted a new comment
© by Anna Ugrumova
20181108-093800.jpg - Painting ©2019 by Anna Ugrumova - Realism, Paper, Still life

thank you very kind

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© by Андрей Хворов
Дракон - Sculpture ©2019 by Андрей Хворов - Concrete Art, Stone, Architecture

Рад ответить на ваши вопросы. WhatsApp 89641833846

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100x177.8 cm ©2017 by Zuzana Uhlíková
Door to Summer - Photography, 100x177.8 cm ©2017 by Zuzana Uhlíková - Conceptual Art, Photorealism, Portraiture, Realism, Surrealism, Symbolism, Paper, Architecture, Dark-Fantasy, Fantasy, Nature, Portraits, winter, landscape, winter fantasy, snow, blue, cold, door, limited edition, print, fine art, photography, large, big, oversizes

Thank you!

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©2015 by Atmara
Mandalas of Forgiveness & Release 6 - Digital Arts ©2015 by Atmara - Abstract Art, Other, Abstract Art, Mandalas, spiritual, metaphysical, zen, yoga art, boho, meditation art, sacred geometry, fractals

Hello, I am interested in Mandalas of Forgiveness. Do you offer a superb quality of print to be framed? How large are these mandalas? Do you offer a package price of say, five mandalas. Also, is there a "back story" on each of the designs Thank you for answering my questions! Jim

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35x55x4 cm © by Barbara Robinson
calme étant et nénuphars - Painting, 35x55x4 cm ©2019 by Barbara Robinson - Concrete Art, Canvas

faire offre pour ce peintre, collection de ses œuvres disponible

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AD’Amours Portrait AD’Amours Follow has posted a new comment
20x24 in © by AD’Amours
Petite marche au centre-ville - Painting, 20x24 in ©2019 by AD’Amours - Figurative Art, Canvas, Cityscape

Thank you very much, sir, it's really appreciated

Joost Hogervorst Portrait Joost Hogervorst Follow has posted a new comment
90x70x0.1 cm ©2019 by Fanda Florian
2 dancing figures - Mixed Media, 90x70x0.1 cm ©2019 by Fanda Florian - Abstract Art, Contemporary painting, Fauvism, Figurative Art, Street Art (Urban Art), Surrealism, Paper, Abstract Art, Body, Basquait, Picasso, Matisse, black, paper, collage, Africa, contemporary, Florian

Nice. A it like Stuart Davis.

Le Chi Ton That Portrait Le Chi Ton That Follow has posted a new comment
29.7x21 cm ©-5 by Le Chi Ton That
Sonia - Painting, 29.7x21 cm ©-5 by Le Chi Ton That - Illustration, Paper, Women, féminin

Merci beaucoup

Lehmann . Portrait Lehmann . Follow has posted a new comment
© by Ano Wala
Shadows on my shoulder - Digital Arts ©2018 by Ano Wala -


BEATRICE VIEZ Portrait BEATRICE VIEZ Follow has posted a new comment
42x32 cm ©2017 by BEATRICE VIEZ
Michonne.jpg - Drawing, 42x32 cm ©2017 by BEATRICE VIEZ - Portraits, Michonne, walking dead

Merci Michel, c'est d'ailleurs ce que je préfère réaliser, les portraits. ?

CACQ Portrait CACQ Follow has posted a new comment
100x81x2 cm ©-4 by CACQ
ZEBULON - Painting, 100x81x2 cm ©-4 by CACQ - Illustration, Pop Art, Street Art (Urban Art), Canvas, Animals, Comics, Dogs, Cartoon, Kids, Family, Humor, chien, peinture, gris, street art, pop, portrait, illustration, dessin, humour, enfant, BD

Merci !!