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Hello and welcome to my portfolio, hosted by ArtMajeur.


As an independent and self-representing artist, my philosophy is to provide archival grade conservation quality paintings and original prints, which will endure beyond a lifetime to be enjoyed by future generations, and provide investment quality art. This is a positive and beneficial ethic amidst a seemingly throw-away culture, wouldn’t you agree?


My eclectic style and artistic vision is a combination of the automotive subject matter, the digital painting medium, and a blending of draughtsmanship and painting technique. Proficiency in technical drawing and painting is the foundation of my style. When drawing or painting I infuse elements of design to visualise a perspective that creates asymmetry and visual opposition in the composition, to attain a dynamic balance in the whole image.


I was born in London E13 in 1954, and started drawing at a very young age, having a natural talent for art. As my ability progressed I developed a skill for technical detail. Proficiency in technical drawing and painting is the foundation of my style. During the early seventies I studied graphic art to diploma level, then in 1974 embarked upon my main ambition to work as a professional artist. From this time I worked on portrait commissions, and my first venture into publishing fine-art prints was in the mid seventies. Collecting works of graphic art, of a good quality, is an excellent opportunity for art lovers and art collectors to have the enjoyment of owning an artist's work. My passion for the automobile began in the late sixties.


Dip. A.D.
Dip. A.Eng.

Original prints

You can buy original prints direct from me via the ArtMajeur website. Buy art and have it shipped to the UK, Europe, Canada, or USA. All original prints available direct from artist are special order and individually made specifically for you.

Best wishes to you.