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After having carried out studies of art, I decided to completely leave my training in art in the year 2000.
What I humanly awaited from my meetings and the need to build me in my studies was not there. What I was to create did not have any direction. My creations did not have any utility, I did not take any pleasure and my clearness enabled me to agree to understand that my place was not there. I thus decided to leave this world, to see to even flee it, without will to go back a day there.
I turned then to a course university course in ethnology which offered a new vision of the world to me. And for 7 years, I have practiced an occupation in very another field which is that of the care and more precisely of the addictions. A trade leading me to intervene in prison medium and in good of other fields where where the human one is prevalent.

My university course and professional brought me finally what I searched. I discovered the beauty through the wounds, of the imperfections, the faults, the abrasions, the phantoms of the past and the scars. I thus decided to turn over gradually towards this world.

I discovered finally this pleasure of carrying out creations identical so that I had become and so that I would undoubtedly become. Even if at the bottom this goal is probably never reached.

At the bottom it is egoistic, my fabrics speak very about me, my childhood, my memories, my loves, what I am, of what I live with the daily newspaper in my trade, of my past and my future. They are like me and my meetings, disorganized and full with imperfections. They are torn, assembled, coloured, torn off or scribbled. They are full with words, they are not precise, they are not patient and they are never finished.

They evoke my desires, my desires, my memories, my hopes, my questions. Tears and the scars ; the suffering but much more resistance, the résiliance and l do not express; history of each one. The suffering as the melancholy are beautiful moments in my eyes.
The suffering as the melancholy are beautiful moments in my eyes. My fabrics accumulate ideas and at the bottom are never finished. They are constantly in evolution; under each fabric carried out there is undoubtedly ten; other ideas.

is for that which I remain on idea that my fabrics are as a wall on which I can allow all to change….to add, remove or delete as long as I am not satisfied.