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It's all about how different your perspective can get

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I am a visual artist and photographer, who's half romanian and half german. My artistic practice is highly influenced by the saying "inspiration can be found anywhere, as long as you look for it" 

My main qualities are my creativity, open mindedness and effective decisiveness. My artwork takes inspiration from many sources, mostly contemporary, but also modern and traditional. 

Photography isn't new in my family, my father and uncle have both been wedding photographers back in the day and I've watched and learned a lot from them. While they were more precise with their work focusing on displaying the events exactly as they were, I tend to go for a more artistic approach. I try to take shots of subjects that aren't necessarily conventionally beautiful such as abandoned buildings, decayed nature and out of the ordinary objects. While I do that, I also take in consideration technical aspects such as composition and symmetry. I like to say, that I have an artistic side from my mother and a technical side from my father. I believe that the synthesis of the two is what makes my work unique.

The editing process is where a clear distinction between me and a commercial photographer arises. I try to present snippets of my imagination through "cutting and stitching" together parts of the photos into one standalone composition. The best way to explain the process is comparing it to solving a puzzle that you yourself built.

I am currently studying at the University of Arts and Design from Cluj-Napoca Romania, and also working as a freelance artist.


Nekro, Zach Adam Fish, Alan Schaller, JEDEYR, Nigel Stefani, Zdzislaw Beksinski, M.C. Escher


2019-2023 Universitatea de Artă și Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Christopher Hanz

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