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Chris Beraet

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Drawing, Painting, Printmaking ... 125 Followers Member since 2006
Vence, France

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Vence, France

Member since Jul 17, 2006
Last modification date : Dec 14, 2018


Writing, because of the formatting that this requires, requires thought, much more than oral expression (which of course already involves it) imposes a burden, a carry-over of thought, and, in any case, an inclination for it to enter into traditional and cultural moulds that alter it.

Drawing and free painting does not require thought, is not altered by it. There is direct access here to another artistic creation. Almost all my creations are the result of this approach. I do not use a photo holder or template.
I wish my drawings would represent less than they express. That they are an unattainable, immense and enigmatic country, a poetic tension.
I am always enthusiastic about the duality that sets in and sometimes slips like a reptile into something else. The colours, the light of a scene can produce air. By letting it go it seems to circulate in a good composition. This is due, I believe, to the effect produced both at the opening and closing of the psyche that can be offered to the drawing at this precise moment.
I don't want to lock myself in any particular style, not even that of "genre poetics", my main leitmotiv is above all to do what helps me to live, not to let go of my hand.
Christophe Beraet