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Chris Beraet

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Drawing, Painting, Printmaking ... 125 Followers Member since 2006
Vence, France

Added Nov 18, 2018
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Le Salon

Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Paris, France

Wednesday 13 February 2019
Saturday 17 November 2018

Le Salon des Artistes Français se tiendra au Grand Palais du 13 au 17 février 2019.
Section Peinture
Vernissage uniquement sur invitation


Added May 15, 2018
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19 Place Antony Mars, Vence, France

Saturday 19 May 2018
Saturday 19 May 2018



Added Mar 31, 2018
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Biennale 109 - Paris
(photo et video : Jasmine Fersing)

Added Mar 31, 2018
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Art Capital 2018 Salon des artistes français - Paris
(photo et video : Jasmine Fersing)

Added Feb 22, 2018
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Rencontre artistique Monaco japon

Boulevard Louis II, Monaco

Friday 2 March 2018
Sunday 4 March 2018

Rencontre artistique

Added Sep 19, 2017
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MONTOLIEU la coopérative - collection Cérès Franco

Added Sep 13, 2017
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Château Doria de DolceacquaItalie

Sunday 8 October 2017
Monday 4 December 2017

exposition de peintures, photographies, sculptures d'artistes du Comité National Monégasque de l'AIAP-Unesco-Monaco
le 7 octobre à 17h
du 8 octobre au 4 décembre de 10h à 18h


Added Jul 4, 2017
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Biennale 109 Peintres et sculpteurs

74 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris, France

Tuesday 20 March 2018
Sunday 25 March 2018

exposition de peintures et sculptures, tous les jours de 12h à 19h30 entrée libre


Added Mar 4, 2017
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salon AEAF-France

Galerie de Nesle, 8 rue de Nesle (M° Odeon ou Pont Neuf) Paris 6e

Friday 24 March 2017
Sunday 26 March 2017

exposition d'art, vernissage le 24 mars à 18h

Added Nov 25, 2016
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Salle d'exposition : 4, Quai Antoine 1er. Monaco

Saturday 3 December 2016
Sunday 18 December 2016

salon 2016 du comité national monégasque.
Entrée Libre


Added Nov 8, 2016
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Art Capital

Grand Palais - Paris 8e

Tuesday 14 February 2017
Sunday 19 February 2017

salon de la Société des Artistes Français / section Peinture : P33
jours et horaires d'ouvertures : vernissage (sur invitation) mardi 24 de 15h à 22h
jours et horaires d'expositions : mardi 14 février de 15h à 22h. mercredi 15, jeudi 16, dimanche 19 février de 11h à 20h
et vendredi 17, samedi 18 février de 11h à 22h


Added Oct 2, 2016
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27e Exposition de Peinture de la ville de Clairac

Salle polyvalente de Clairac

Sunday 30 October 2016
Sunday 13 November 2016

Exposition de Peinture

Added Sep 30, 2016
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catalogue «corps-lit-porte» dessins 2005-2006

Première série d'empreintes corporelles

Added Jul 14, 2016
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Surface de contact 2016

Espace L'ISSUE 38 rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris

Sunday 24 July 2016
Tuesday 26 July 2016

rencontre artistique Franco-Chinoise. vernissage le 24 juillet 2016 à 19h.


Added Jun 24, 2016
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espace d’art «La Vache Noire»

Espace d'Art Éric Patou - La Vache Noire 42 avenue Laplace, Arcueil 94110 (30 mètres du RER)

Tuesday 5 July 2016
Sunday 31 July 2016

exposition à thème : Portrait Art Today
Allosiette, Bazin, Beraet, Bellini, Bloch, Del Castillo, Foster, Kaecher,Lucchetta-Rossetti, Liquito, Oana, Perthuis, Rossetti, Sergeant, Sonia.O et des artistes des Editions Patou.

Added Jun 19, 2016
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NICE avril 2016. Atelier Du Fond de la Cour, chez Sylvia Leone-Castaldi 2, rue Boissy d'Anglas

Added Jun 15, 2016
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Artcité 2016 « Fractions »


Thursday 22 September 2016
Saturday 22 October 2016

salon d'artiste - exposition à la Halle Roublot du 22 septembre au 22 octobre.
vernissage samedi 24 septembre, à partir de18 h à l’Hôtel de Ville.


Added Jun 15, 2016
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exposition Figuration-Critique

Bastille Design Center, 74 Bd Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris

Wednesday 14 September 2016
Sunday 18 September 2016

exposition des artistes du groupe +débats, conférences, projection... L’ouverture de l'exposition au public se fera mercredi 14 à partir de 14h00 et le vernissage de 18h00 à 22h00.


Added Apr 15, 2016
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expo corps-lit-porte

atelier Du Fond de la Cour, chez Sylvia Leone-Castaldi 2, rue Boissy d'Anglas 06000 Nice

Thursday 21 April 2016
Thursday 5 May 2016

exposition de onze dessins corps-lit-porte réalisés pendant les années 2005 et 2006. vernissage le 21 avril à partir de 18h. finissage le 5 mai à partir de 18h et performance prévue à 19h30.

Added Mar 23, 2016
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❚ Chronique de François Birembaux - « cycle Rouille » Scènes de corps 2010-2013 - Juin 2015

I went to Christophe's to discover his painting. Entering this room, which also serves as his bedroom, one enters the bowels of a workshop of creations that reveal the whole "chiaroscuro" dimension of the "Rust" Period. In each of his paintings, the artist takes a sharp look at the subjects by expressing their powers and their fragilities. Faced with his works, how could one not think of what Claudel wrote: "certain blue of the sea (but also of a woman's eyes) is so blue that only blood is redder"? This remark makes it possible to capture with relevance all the paradoxes of the "Rust" period symbolized in particular by a series of portraits that oscillate between the misery and the grandeur of the human condition.

In this cave, where the paint essences evaporate, all the canvases rolled up and placed on the wall and the creations in progress are confined. It is in this pregnant atmosphere that I contemplate the "Rust" period.
To look at the works of this period is to feel all the verticality of Christophe Beraet...[...]

The artistic ascent lifts him towards the ideal, so dear to Baudelaireian poetry. His characters, naked, disarticulated, deconstructed or reconstructed, as well as the representations of the "gules" on the edge of the caricature, remind us of the humility of our inadequacy and of the idea that our life must ideally be led with the craziest of passions.
Inhabited by his art, torn apart, torn apart and torn in his feelings, Christophe Beraet delivers to us, in spite of a complex suffering, the demiurgical secret which heals the wounds of a lively personality. Thus, the postures represented and transfigured, are a language that is declined to infinity and translate the dazzling truths of magnificence and sublimation.

Christophe Beraet delivers to us, thanks to a talent filled with sensitive intelligence, the sweetness of faith. To use Camus' formula, we must live with "stubbornness", no matter "this permanent divorce between the spirit that desires and the world that disappoints". To give meaning is finally to accept "the confrontation between the human call and the unreasonable silence of the world". [...]

It must be noted that the drawn bodies, exposed on the walls, appear to us as beings who escape the gravity of their inner prison and especially the depths of pathological melancholy. The "Rust" period is the realization that we never rest because of this random disorder of the soul and the drying up of the heart. All these paintings suggest us to rise up against the physical disgust of ourselves and against our own psychological devalorization. Christophe Beraet's art allows us to fight against the perverse mechanisms that lock us into the straitjacket of the foul. […]

Whatever his moods, his creations are his rebirth and free him from inner wounds although they are well and truly visible in the "Rust" Period. Entering the workshop room teaches you more than a book. His art looks like an open heart. […]

How can the whole symbolic dimension and moral value of a singular character be defined when mass culture implies indifférenciation and relativism? How to become a character in a society where the levelling down is practiced and where the intellectual is crushed, the hero assimilated to an ephemeral star?
It is very difficult today to emerge as a singular character. However, while we are all the same but isolated, paradoxically, there is a concern for difference. In this ambivalent context, is there a place for the characters? How can each person drowned in our consumerist, mercantile and reactionary society - despite appearances - assert himself as a character with an "extra soul"?

When contemplating his works, one rushes into the intimacy of the artist, one invites oneself into his space, but one says to oneself that there is in them, a little of me, a little of us too. His paintings, sometimes terrifying, are softened by a colour, a line. It shows us our contradictions but more precisely our cracks, our wounds. [...]

Christophe therefore strives to say that giving direction and meaning to his existence cannot be done by ignoring death. The body language of his characters embodies "action" because we only feel our fullness in action.
As he paints and writes, he heals himself and seeks an improbable corner of paradise. He probes his interiority and it is his depths that he throws on the canvas. These bodies are not dead or dying or dying like those of Jericho in The Raft of the Medusa. These bodies are injured but they are psychological wounds. As for the portraits, they suggest that we are all very beautiful by being ourselves.

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